Saturday, August 27, 2016

A moment captured no more a rarity

                                                                                  Attribution: Hank
Image 1 : Kimie with some newly acquired load of Durian

                                                                                Attribution: Yun Huang Yong
Image: Two Varieties of Durian (here)
(The one on the right is a Durian 101 variety
which has a rich yellow colour and a smooth,
rich, creamy texture)

'A photograph is but a memory in raw format'  -  Sanaa
(to write inspired by the quotation above
plus one's own downloaded photo)

Note:1 The Durian considered the King of Fruits
in our part of the world (South-East Asia) gives
an overpowering aroma. It is welcomed by those who
love the fruit but regarded with disdain by those not
familiar. To consume it is to bring it home and enjoy
at leisure. It is not allowed in hotels nor into any
carrier for travels by air. After eating durians one is
expected not to burb for the next 2 hours or so or
the same overpowering aroma now fermented would
permeate the air.

Note 2 : Sanaa should be able to have a taste of durians
(currently in season) since she is now stationed  in
Kuala Lumpur (bring along a tupperware and have
them peeled immediately to bring home as it is
bothersome to do it on your own)

A moment captured no more a rarity
Selfie culture ingrained without a thought
Unlike before a loaded camera at the ready
Or that fleeting moment sadly missed out

A moment in time caught for posterity
Later shown to the young ones who were then tiny tots
Treasure close to the heart to enhance memory
For them a blessing that could not be bought

The ubiquitous smart phones a God-sent device
Every and any memorable episodes  could be recorded
A boon to those sentimental folks who were wise
To easily recall growing up years greatly boosted

For Sanaa's A Dash of Sunny -  prompt-nights


  1. Whistles!!! ❤💜 This is absolutely delightful, Hank :D I agree, with time it has become easier for us to capture special moments with our loved ones on film. Love those photos of durian. Beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

    1. Sanaa Ma'am,
      Hank was in the midst of typing Notes 1 and 2 but you've sent in your comments. Hope you got to read Note 2 specially meant for you)


    2. Most definitely ❤ thank you, kindly Hank :D

  2. Can sure capture pretty much anything these days. Never smelt the aroma of them before, or had anyone burp them at me at my shore lol

  3. An required taste, Durian. Unlike your poetry which tastes great from the start!

  4. durian looks like our jackfruit, which is also a smelly one & loved and disdained by many for the reason you've stated...lovely, delicious lines Hank :)

    1. Somewhat a little,but they are 2 different fruits.


  5. Looks good and nutricious, wonderful to learn about a fruit not known where I live.

  6. What a happy memory and photo Hank - I have heard of the Durian fruit and it's aroma.. it's good to learn how to enjoy it!

  7. There is certain sadness that photography is so universally popular compared with far away days when a roll of film taking 8 pictures would last a whole week when on holidays. You would have no idea how the shot came out until the film was developed at the chemist! How eager wee were to see ourselves captured on film in black and white!

  8. This is fascinating. I had never heard of such a fruit, before. Really; the poetic possibilities boggle the mind.

  9. Delightful....durian is somewhat like jack fruit...such a wonderful post!

  10. I am that person who hoards photographs...I have thousands on my computer and hundreds in draws....and I love going through them and remembering :D
    That fruit looks amazing, but sounds way too strong for my sensitive nose lol XXX

  11. So interesting, I too have not heard of this fruit. And with those of us who grew up with the "old" style cameras it's still a wonder what can be done today. No need to miss any special moments if one has the right devices. :-)