Monday, August 8, 2016

Wonder of farming - a Haibun

                                                                                                Attribution: Richtea
Image: Young Barbershop Quartet (here)

It was a beautiful morning. The kind of weather one would want to have
everyday. Blue skies above, a slight rustling of leaves with greenery along-side.
Been on the road for the better of one hour and expected to be at Uncle Ben's
farm perhaps in another hour. We would not feel it though as traveling on country
roads was a breeze. Upon arrival contrary to previous visits we were whisked
straight to the pen. Auntie Jane was there beaming, pointing excitedly to  an
aggressive ram which seemed just as excited. It jumped around in the enclosure
seemingly impatient with intent as though expecting something big to happen.
Uncle Ben suddenly appeared from the rear of the barn leading in tow a beautiful
ewe very well manicured trotting with little jumps of its own when it sighted the
burly ram. It jumped higher in dainty little steps tugging to be released when the
ram showed keen interest in its presence. So this was the surprise Uncle Ben had
mentioned when inviting us last week.The ram was pulled over to the opposite
end with Auntie Jane leading it by the strap safely from outside the enclosure.
The ewe was then led through the first swing door had its rein released and then
through the second door into the enclosure. In the meantime the ram was digging
its heels tugging to be released from the straps held tightly by Auntie Jane.
The ewe danced around excitedly with a 'catch me if you can' stance barely 10
feet away. The ram was then released. It stalked the ewe slowly wanting to conserve
its energy. Very much a victor it sniffed the ewe's butt just as a mutt would do.
It gave somewhat a naughty smile showing its white teeth, walked around once
and mounted. A little romancing drama witnessed intensely by us human onlookers.

Nature at its best
Extending the progeny
Wonder of farming

For Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday
- a little romance


  1. What an interesting interpretation of romance! I never knew animals had romance, that they just mated. I liked this point of view of them.

  2. ooooh. this is one adorable and unique take! :)

  3. I'm not a farmer, but a weaver who loves sheep. I had some joyful laughs at this one, very well written. :)

  4. You make it a delightfully romantic encounter!

  5. I wonder if the goats resented the lack of privacy? I'm sure they do think and feel.

  6. He was excited. Glad I don't have spectators though.

  7. This was fantastic to read, thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  8. lol giving all a thrill and acting like a mutt with the sniff of a butt.

    1. haha - Why am I not surprised you would pick out that line?

  9. Well, that's one way to teach the birds and the bees. ;)

  10. Smiling so it hurts. Ewe write such erotic romance. :0)

  11. I'm smiling at this. Quite the scenario! Good one, Hank!

  12. And luckily they arent shy of professing love in public, smiles. I enjoyed this, Hank.

  13. Really enjoyed your unique take on this prompt.

  14. Well, that was interesting and good.

  15. Who would've knew, he had a heart of romance.

  16. i saw a Facebook share
    of a poodle mounting
    a Pikachu.. in stuffed
    animal form.. of course..
    as online is vapor ware..
    and it reminded
    me of the
    younger folks
    who are no longer
    interested in the biblical
    way of getting toGeTheR with
    each other as fertility rates decline..
    to levels never seen
    there before..
    as i understand

    Answer to
    GO Pikachu...
    Survival 101..
    wHere INstinct 101
    wins over M-101
    terMiNators of liFe..;)

  17. An unexpected response to the prompt...but very amusing!