Sunday, August 14, 2016

it takes only a solitary bullet

                                                                            Attribution:Frankie Fouganthin
Image:  Burglary attempts with the use of two crowbars (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
bullet burn stretch crook slime
chip stand trust sail stay travel 
it takes only a solitary bullet 
to burn a hole in the chest
it will not stretch too much 
beyond the imagination
every crook knows  that

but still the slime of society 
has that chip on the shoulder 
not to let it stand in the way of 
enhancing their dark reputations

they put great trust in their 
perceived ability to outwit law 
enforcement and to sail through 
trouble rather than stay put in one place
but travel around to be one step ahead

they fail to realize however that 
being mobile will necessarily 
make their presence more apparent 
perhaps they love it that 
way to whet their sick ego

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #261 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #315


  1. Not quite on the same level but my neighbours are thoughtless thugs who go around in circles destroying everybody else's space with a smile and no care - grr! I could relate

  2. So many people are ephemeral living for the day with no care for the future or consequences or for other people and property. Sadly unaware we are being designed in this way by corporate greed and political trickery.

  3. This saddens me so much the fact that some people don't think before acting upon and the consequences which further affect us all.

  4. "they put great trust in their
    perceived ability to outwit law" Your poem may "stretch their imagination"!

  5. I think that there have many decisions where they could have made another choice... sooner or later law will outwit them though

  6. There is much too much of that behaviour going on in the world. What do these people gain?

  7. That one bullet will be felt in more ways than one.

  8. Hard to fathom that people choose a life of crime, which costs dearly in terms of difficult living. I once met someone who lived like that - a choice - he found it exciting, even with all the beatings, and horrible things he went through. Ordinary life bored him silly.

  9. You have made some good points, Hank. It does take ONLY one bullet.

  10. Very penetrating and chilling analysis

  11. Only one and so many never think beyond their own nose causing many woes

  12. It does take only one bullet.

  13. in spite of the knowledge of that one fateful bullet they would still carry on with their love of being outlaws...sigh..

  14. Perhaps they still think they're playing Cops and Robbers, like they did as kids.

  15. Reflecting the inner emptiness and need for attention....yes, perhaps, the roots of problem - in the lonely, disfunctional childhood...

  16. Just that one selfish and thoughtless act. Well put across