Tuesday, August 30, 2016

more than just brilliance of sight in darkness

                                                                                            Atrribution: Unknown
Image:Painting the Moon (here)
(MLMM's Photo Challenge)

MLMM's 15 given words:
sodden angular prickly satin feverish
bristly (easily antagonized)
pumice (a spongy form of volcanic glass, used as an abrasive;to rub)
malleable (capable of being shaped).
viscous (of a glutinous nature;sticky; thick; adhesive)
waxy course cleft
tangible (capable of being touched;rather than imaginary or visionary)

Standing on sodden ground trying in an angular way
It was rather prickly to attempt to paint garbed in satin
Sounding feverish she was transformed to a bristly soul
Needing a pumice rub-down in elements to clip rough edges
Of a rigid self in a malleable way to allow her to reach out

Viscous but waxy it left a coarse trail of loud colors
Of an artist struggling to create a realistic perspective
To extend an appropriate depth of field of visual picture
Slightly centered with perhaps a cleft on the moon's chin

No, there must be something dearly tangible to touch
Certainly more than just brilliance of sight in darkness
Feelings of restrictive movements of a barb wire mind
She could only lament of not fully achieving her goals

For MLMM'special addition wordle in August
Kerry's  The Tuesday's Platform at Real Toads and
MLMM's Photo Challenge #128


  1. You worked those difficult words well, Hank. She does sound a bit prickly, with the need for some softening of edges.

  2. Take it easy with a barb wired mind... I recommend gloved words.

  3. This feels like trying to walk through a blackberry bush

  4. You certainly have the knack og combining the words into your verses. Well done Hank.

  5. I liked the 'barb wire mind' Hank. Sharp, vicious, and cutting. Evoked lots of thoughts, ideas.

  6. Such a mind would be hard to escape from

  7. I also like the image of the barb wire mind, my thoughts really sting sometimes

    really great use of the words Hank


  8. Ouch! These were some prickly words to contend with.. beware the barbed wire mind!

  9. "barb wire mind" Goodness that is a difficult mindset, but I have been there. Great use of the word list!