Sunday, August 7, 2016

Propping up a Friend

                                                                                        Attribution: Charlesjsharp
Image: A yellow-headed caracara on a capybara (here)

An outright feeling of despair was of utmost concern
There was an attempt to provide some veiled assistance
Perhaps as a crutch to prop up the efforts
To present a better picture as was intended
The lacuna of such a measure was most apparent

Seen as an attempt
To give unfair advantage
Discarding fair play

(55 words)

A Limerick and a Haiku for Kerry's
Flash 55 Plus at Real Toads and to
include the word -  lacuna


  1. Both animals look very happy with the arrangement!

  2. Nice, Hank! Especially the haiku.

  3. Look ready to help out, even if they cheat a bit

  4. Don't want any unfair play, even from a capybarra.

  5. Part of the food chain, Hank. Here it is birds and the cows. We call them cowbirds, they follow the cows and eat their undigested food.

  6. Most hearr warmeong Hank, it great how the animal world know how to be kind to one another.