Monday, August 15, 2016

they were visibly agitated as this was serious matter

                                                                                  Attribution: Ralph Hirschberger
Image: Frustrated (here)

the 15 given words:
titian (a reddish-brown or golden-brown color)
ashen (extremely pale drained of color; pallid)
blotchy (covered in or marked by blotches)
matte (having a dull or lusterless surface)
pellucid (clear,limpid,translucent)
iridescent (of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow)
indistinct (not clearly marked or defined
Hound’s Tooth (a pattern of broken or jagged checks,on fabrics)
deformed glisten sag frail unkempt towering cylindrical

"why, what happened, could somebody explain? anybody!"
they were visibly agitated as this was serious matter
someone clarified it was of titian hues ashen and blotchy
at some places matte black pellucid and plainly lackluster 

they had not expected iridescent bright colors though
but still it should not display indistinct motifs of Hound's Tooth
deformed of jagged lines that glistened with a naked glow
Sagging from a frail support truly unkempt and loose

Point taken so the support should even be towering and cylindrical
The good wife was not happy with the husband's choice
It was good they could get together to discuss before it got theatrical
Good sense prevailed for they were not feasible as grounds for divorce

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  1. No sense in getting too worked up over odd colors.
    Some challenging words this time.

  2. Have to try and keep a cool head, especially about things that are rather trivial in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Sometimes trivial matters do get out of hand....I write from experience but in the long run worrying about them do become obbsessive.
    Well written Hank.

  4. Indeed you haver created a rainbow with unusal colours!!

  5. I think we sometimes need to focus on more important matter... but colors do affect us.

  6. Husbands should be cautious around agitated wives!

  7. You've snapped together words here that are challenging and biting--glad the couple had a chance to reconcile at the finale. Thanks for sharing.

  8. luv the sarcasm through the repetition, Nice

    much love...

  9. LOL, I love Kerry's comment! Cracks me up. Yes, a husband is wise to tread with caution. Those are very challenging words, and you managed it with aplomb, Hank.

  10. Oh my! Love your use of the words. Hubby and I are redecorating at the moment so far it is all very civil haha


  11. My husband knows well how to tread easy when I'm in a snit. lol

  12. "Before it got theatrical"!! Oh, man, you know something about that, I guess. Hank, Hank, so glad to read you again. The title alone is great. Love, Amelita

  13. Sounds like a near thing, that divorce! LOL

  14. Hah, I thought this had a sci-fi feel until the last stanza. Yikes!

  15. You are so good at playing with words and making them feel that they belong. Just yummy.

    1. Oh, and I must add the word "pellucid" to my regular vocabulary. It's just so good. :-D