Thursday, October 18, 2012

Year End Sales

                                                                               Photo by Jim Champion
Image: Sales at a Chain Store
Image Source: From Wikimedia Commons through Creative Commons licence (here)

Victoria is hosting at dVerse. She has challenged us to create Steampunk Poetry. It is taking two contrasting topics and merging them in a poem. I’ve chosen  one, the Year End Sales and two, the impending year end exams ( in italics) Hoping I’m doing it correctly

Victoria also asked us to use enjambment. This is the literary practice of breaking up a unit of syntax ( a phrase or sentence) at the end of a line ( or even between two verses ) I've not tried it here!.

Y.E.S. The Year End Sales is in the offing
The heat is on, the year end exams are here too
Everyone’s all worked up anxiously waiting
Last minute preparations are keeping them busy
Clawing back on what is deemed necessary
Boys and girls are glued to their notes 
To supplement what’s left of the recent ones
Those who had been googling for answers before
Will know there are bargains on the cheap?
They are now struggling looking for whatever notes
Or is it just a ploy to get rid off of what’s left
Worst off are the cut-and-paste practitioners
But who cares! They are convenient
There are those who seem to just relax
One must be smart to pick out one's needs
They can well afford to do so for they were prepared
But the yuppies are more into the fun of it
They were busy from the beginning of the year
To make a kill, a real one at that
Now they are having fun, less pressure on themselves
It’ll be the conversation piece the next day
They yearn to get into it rightaway
Everyone would want to have a say
To get it over with, off their shoulders
The office will be real busy but work suffers
There are other more important things to do
Talking and comparing, showing offs
Songs and games, facebook and what have you
That is more fun and Y.E.S had only just begun
The so-called life of deprivation will soon be over

Written for d'Verse where Victoria is hosting


  1. job hank...when it comes to year end sales i always ask myself one single question: would i buy it for the full price as well? if not, i leave it...see you got me all sidetracked...smiles.. for me this has a fine connection...has both to do with hunting somehow...just for different things

  2. Year end sales do entice me at times, but then, it depends :-)

  3. Gosh, I'm still resisting the end of summer here, your poem of the year end sales scares me! LOL
    I could see all these eager youths and others all ready and waiting to get going at the sales. Very vivid :)

  4. One must be smart to pick out one's needs...
    And aint that the truth! Well said, it jumped out. Fine poem from one who's on a roll just now.

  5. ha two things that are rather scary to me...exams and sales....i still dream of exams or maybe that is nightmares...and sales...oy only to people watch would i go....too much chaos in each...i like the way you wne tback and forth with each line man...

  6. Very creative Hank ~ I like the thoughts weaving off each other ~ We just have a day for this, its on Dec. 26, Boxing Day ~

  7. I agree with Heaven. The thoughts weaving off each other work well in this poem, Hank. One can easily see the comparisons and contrasts that way! But, ha, I would more enjoy a sale than an exam.

  8. That was quite the weave
    Both worked together well
    They do pull sales out their sleeve
    And under their sleeves the students cheat before the final bell

  9. Wow! Hank you got way ahead of me and it turned out nice.
    Still, I had to read one poem at a time. And I liked the students with exam troubles or not the best.

    I am like Brian, I still dream (in my sleep, real dreams) of exam time. Seems I am never ready as I missed soooo many classes. Some I missed the whole year until exam time. On those I, in my dreams, have trouble finding my classroom.

    1. I don't blame you for not trying the enjambment with this one. It must have gotten complicated making it 'sort of fit together' as it was.

  10. So good, Hank. Great idea for constrasting topics and the way you've used italics is perfect. Wish I'd thought of that (although I havent tried steampunk kind of intimidates me. :0>

  11. Good post Hank, It all depends if I need anything in these end of year sales. Some shops seam to have sales all year round especially the furniture and carpets.


  12. Love the combination here, great steampunk.