Friday, October 5, 2012

The Moon

                                                                           Picture by Tomascastelazo
Image: Reaching for the Moon
Source: Wikimedia Commons licensed under Creative Commons licence ( here )

President Kennedy’s  impassioned
speech of May 25,1961 rang loud and clear
Gripped the nation’s attention
That ‘before this decade is out,
 of landing a man on the moon
and returning him safely to the earth’

President Nixon elated at the success
spoke to Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin
on July 20, 1969, extolling the joy 
and pride of the nation of 
having achieved the goal

But as fast as it had happened as early
as the 1970’s itself, detractors claimed NASA
faked the landings spawning a slew of
‘conspiracy theories’ 

The Moon

It has always been
there. That‘s one small step for a
man. What a challenge!

Say what you may. One
giant leap for mankind..Could
not have been better

A dream achieved. A
nation’s goal met before the
end of the decade

'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind'
(Words said when Armstrong first stepped onto the moon)

Anna in her first hosting had suggested a combination of a prose and a poem
Written for Anna's d'Verse Meeting the Bar: Postmodern (Prose) and Kris' Carpe Diem #5 with prompt -moon-


  1. What a surprise Hank to see you here on my new daily haiku meme CARPE DIEM... and immediately with such a wonderful post. Love the way you've used the first moonwalk in this triplet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gone to the moon
    Unless they were lying with their tune
    Filmed in a studio they say
    Not sure that is correct but you never know what plans they lay

  3. 1969. Wow, Hank. Sometimes it just seems like yesterday to me. I'm glad it never went much beyond that giant step, so there aren't any earthling cities on the moon yet.
    Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, but I have been unwell. Am beginning to feel a hint of progress today, though.
    I hope you are well.

  4. would be nice if we could return to the moon as well...or anywhere....we need something to get behind...

  5. It seems like only yesterday.......and yet so very much has changed. I loved this set for the nostalgia and the possibilities!

  6. The Moon has always been one of the partial symbol of the Faith (crescent moon) and it has its faacination for Mankind as well as its benefits. It is not merely a giant leap, but a testament of the Al-Quran in one of the verses that allows human beings to reach the furthest distance into space if the capacity is there.

  7. That was quite a challenge, a dream achieved ~

  8. An epic achievement worthy of poetry. I enjoyed seeing the prose transform to poetry, like a behind the scenes of poetic process. I agree with Brian we need something to get behind now. Thanks so much for joining us for Meeting the Bar and you kind comments on Pegasus.

  9. You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
    How you gonna have a dream come true?

    Well you do don't you!

  10. I can still recall that day in 1969.
    Great post Hank.


  11. I had a Japanese exchange student stay with me for 3 months who was totally convinced that the moon trip was a US lie.
    Personally, I don't think there is a black man in the White House either --> the CIA is faking that one too!
    Smile :-)
    Thanx for making me think.
    Could a balloon make it to the moon!

    BTW: Amstrong --> Armstrong

    [write if you'd like!]

  12. I wish we can go there again someday !!!

  13. added to is interesting that they say it was faked...i think that we have not been back adds to that but, i still think we should return...

  14. I like what you have done here. Nice idea, well worked out.

  15. KRIS - Thanks! Been a few times before. Will try as often as possible now that it's daily

    PAT - Conspiracy theories abound.
    Prompted by the Cold War. Done the first round. Moon journeys are over!

    KAY - Yes, seems like yesterday. I'm ok, thanks! Pray that you're well, Ma'am!

    BRIAN - Yes, competition is a healthy thing!


  16. HAL - It's a prestige heavy on funds. That may have prompted a temporary respite

    HEAVEN - Yes, a goal fulfilled

    MZ - Thanks!

    ANNA - Thanks, looking forward to your later hostings at the Bar


  17. Hi Hank - interesting combination of things. I wasn't aware of such conspiracy theories here - pretty goofy!

    Thanks for reminding us of all this. k.

  18. That one-small-step, one-giant-leap metaphor will live for a long time!

    Full Moon