Thursday, October 11, 2012


Image Source: Courtesy of Ella at Poets United

She looked at the flames
Gyrating in a slight draft
Tenaciously persisting
Anxiously wanting to illuminate
A candle light serves her needs
Enhancing the excitement
Of young lovers in the throes
Of romance over dinner

But alas! Just a wishful thought
The stark reality rears its ugly head
This is not in any fancy restaurant
How imaginations can paint a rosy picture
She’s just alone sitting at the kitchen table
The evening downpour was innately insane
A power outage so cruel in its quest
She could be sitting in the dark
This is no candlelight dinner
Not even the right kind of candle
The only ones available in the kitchen drawer
A citronella candle but it serves its purpose

The citronella candles can efficiently repel away various types of insects especially those pesky mosquitoes. The picture ( from Poets United ) may not necessarily be a citronella

Written for Ella’s at Poets United Wednesday #4 with prompt – Wax-


  1. Citronella or not, it's nice to have some light available during a power outage. Hope your lights are back on.

  2. I will grab any candle to add light to the dark! I like how you did this! No, not a CitronElla candle, lol. I took the photo of a
    Warm Vanilla Cream candle-you would love how it smells~ :D

    I love how you poem stirs the mood of all candles. It is how our imagination dances that matters! Well Done!

    1. Not a CitronElla candle, wow! I used to remember the normal drab white ones which emit only carbon odors. But now it comes in all matters of shape and colors but also a fragrance. We never had it that good! Thanks for hosting Ella!


  3. No power is a pain
    Hate that at my lain
    But yeah a candle can light the way
    And good to know it keeps those annoying mosquitoes away

  4. Sounds like the old adage, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I see nothing wrong with a bit of active imagination!

  5. We always keeps a lot of candles handy, as when the winter rains and winds howl, the power can be depended on to go out. Trees are always falling on the highway. Even the flame from a citronella comes in handy at such times. Good one, Hank.

  6. if only candles could keep all blood suckers away you know....smiles....and candlelight for yourself...not a bad thing if nothing else...

  7. I guess I need to get hold of this candle ... lots of mosquitoes here :-(

  8. Hank, this made me smile. I am quite familiar with citronella candles. We used to used them often when we ate outside during mosquito season!

  9. Kitchen drawers and citronella --- how unique! A nifty response to the prompt!

  10. Like candlelight :) excerpt when the power was down from the hurricane. Nice piece, Hank. :)

  11. illusion is what we make of it, i guess. :) i am a sucker for candlelight, even of the citronella sort on a summer eve...

  12. Hank,

    You sure know how to paint a wonderful dreamy image....of course the reality was pleasing also...I love all candles for their qualities:)

    Best Wishes,

  13. Hank, those fantasies, even when they are fleeting, are important to keeping your sanity when you're alone. And I dance around a lot, even though I'm perfectly aware that I'm not performing.

    This was a bittersweet but heartfelt poem. You truly understand women in a way that most male poets don't. You dream in unique ways, and we all benefit. Peace, friend. Amy

  14. Wonderful post Hank, sorry I haven't been around but have been unable to type on my pc because of severe pains in arms and hands ,
    Am having shots on Monday so I can continue therapy.
    Have a good week-end.