Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Sabbatical

Image:1 Dr Alizi with spouse Fawzia ( extreme left) daughter Sophia, Shadah ( my loving wife) with the kids
Image:2 The good Dr with cute little Maisarah

My nephew, a lecturer at the IIU will be going for his sabbatical for 9 months at a university in Gloucestershire. Dr Alizi will be accompanied by his spouse Fawzia and their 5 children. They are expected to fly off tomorrow night.

The passing of Fall a spectacle of wonder
Of golden hues of Autumn leaves beginning
to give way to the impending cold just ahead
Inclement of a cold stream is new to the kids
They are used to cold showers, a heavy downpour
at worst but an experience of winter’s snow is a novelty
as yet to be seen. Stories of Santa and Christmas
they have heard told but fluffy snow flakes they can only
imagine. They will soon see and feel, it will be fun

A sojourn of a kind. The family we’ve been told
will be putting up at Cheltenham, a walking distance
to the University. The good Dr will be occupied with
a research stint for the duration of stay

The eldest girl Sophia had just sat for our local UPSR exam
here. She has the most to gain. At 12 years of age a window to
many new things are at her bidding in school as well as
outside the school environment. Two of the younger ones
are also expected to be in school being of mandatory
school age. But they may be a tad too little to feel
the impact of a school as yet.  

My friend Mo (here) now staying at his son’s in Birmingham
is about an hour’s drive away. It is hoped they will
get around together. It will be reassuring to be
with folks from back home when one is away overseas.

I would wish my nephew and his family the
very best and a wonderful stay away from home.

Written for OpenLinkNight week 66  at d'Verse


  1. How exciting for the family. I hope they have some wonderful experiences there. And I think all the children will benefit in some way from living in a different environment. Nice of you to honor their journey Hank.

  2. Such a happy looking family, how exciting for them.
    I enjoyed your post very much,
    Take care Hank.

  3. Wow sure sounds like an exciting time
    Hopefully the journey for all is sublime
    Will be an experience to say the least
    And on life's new adventures they'll feast

  4. This is wonderful for your nephew and his family, Hank. I hope they do see snow, and I hope Sophia is inspired by the things she will be able to accomplish.
    Warmest wishes to all,

  5. it has to be pretty cool to be able to have such a sabbatical and get time away you know....i wish them the best for it...a refreshing and peacefilled journey....

  6. A great family ... loved reading this !!!

  7. Best wishes to your family. I hope they have a great time.

  8. I hope they all have a wonderful time. I really do hope they get to see and feel some snow too. I cannot imagine anyone never having seen, touched, or played in it. Now, I have to shovel toooooooo much of it...lol
    A lovely read Hank

  9. How exciting for all of them, and what a memorable life experience, especially for the little ones. Thanks for sharing this, Hank. It's always good to hear about the positive in people's lives in such a crazy world.

  10. Good luck to them all! And they are lucky to have someone so supportive and kind as you in their lives. k.

  11. That is a great adventure and a wonderful opportunity for the children. I wish them all safe travels and a winter of joyful experiences.

  12. Hank, you must be so proud. What a wonderful opportunity for your nephew!! Nice family picture you shared.

  13. A wonderful experience for all. Time goes by so fast... and at least there's Skype.

  14. I wish them all the best too. It is I think both exciting and tense when it comes to starting a temp-home far-away, but insyaAllah they'll do well and fit in immediately.

    That bytheway Hank, is a wonderful poem! Read it over and over again :)

  15. Hank, thanks for sharing your friends with us. YOu want to hear something funny? Our Nativity Scene (the whole Jesus in a manger thing with stand-up figures) always had white cotton felt under it. I asked my mom what it was and she said "Snow." But there were palm trees on top of the snow!! Typical Anglos, right?

    Sounds like these kids have a bright future. It's all about education, something going downhill in the States. But then, I'm a public-schools advocate! Last post before heading out to CA:
    Peace, my friend. Amy

  16. It is such a long time since I have visited KL and Penang. You make me want to revisit!

  17. You must be very proud...... And what a lovely family. I'm envious of them, though, for experiencing a first snowfall. What a wonderland tha can be...... Thank you so much for sharing this Hank.....