Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Image: 1 A sandy beach on the western coast south of Bandar Acheh. It was way south and not affected by the big tsunami

Image: 2 Inland, a free flowing river in the upper reaches.
Note: Hank was in Bandar Acheh twice in the early part of the year 

Serene and unblemished
Undisturbed, unashamed
In its natural state
A fervent hope of being discovered
Feigning a virgin in all its modesty

A sandy beach hidden
From marauders
Only a cool breeze
To keep company

Or pebbles laden river 
Blissfully gleaming
Sensuously flowing
In the upper reaches

Virtually untouched
Not a soul in sight
Uncharitable to intruders
All on their own, undeterred
Perceived home of spirits
Mysteriously alive
But meager in all others
Menacingly quiet
Excruciatingly quiet
Distraught and neglected
Only ripples gurgling
In the morning sun

An occasional deluge though

A rare tsunami rearing its ugly head
Devastating all in its path or

Curses of midnight showers
Flooding the surrounding vegetation

Otherwise virtuously
A maiden adorable in nature


  1. Hank, it really must be wonderful to be able to visit and spend time at an undisturbed and undiscovered beach. I loved the way you described it as a 'maiden adorable in nature.'

  2. Wow that would be a nice place to find peace and quiet
    No one around, all should surely get a chance to try it

  3. hank this sounds and looks like a beautiful hideaway...and could be very romantic as well...would love to escape to a place like that...

  4. oh nice...this sounds like a small paradise..i love the beach and so enjoying my time at the beach here in california

  5. I want to go there now, Hank. Your descriptions of that place are inviting. We have a beach coast south of here that is considered virgin as well, in fact, I have been asking my husband if he wouldn't like to go there soon.


  6. That first photo makes me want to be there, Hank, and the second is beautiful, too. I love rivers.

  7. Simple landscapes foretell million years of history behind it. We mere mortals are endowed by Allah to enjoy such untold pleasures which is a reflection of Jannatul-naim. May you be blessed, Hank.

  8. Uncle Hank,
    But we remember seeing some man made structures for "dirty" but necessary calls of nature erected in the middle of rivers in the NAD hinterland. Spoiling an otherwise serene surroundings. purrr...meow!

  9. Beaches are wonderful ... they bring us closer to nature !!!

  10. Beautiful Hank but monsoon is not the best season here especially at the beginning of this year.

  11. Hank, you captured one of my favorite things--not just the sandy beach, that sense of being the only one in the wilderness, magic can happen! And a beautiful ending :-)

  12. I really like how you compared the sandy beach to innocence, virginity. There are not many pristine places in this poor world anymore. I remember Hawai'i when it was like that, before tourists overtook it.

  13. You've penned the contrast so well.

  14. Lovely - glad I visited

    Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  15. hope th rest of your week is going well hank...

  16. nice images...interesting thoughts and beautiful pics!

  17. That beach is a nice find, Hank. Not too many people will experience this. Thank you for sharing our experience with us.

  18. you obviously found some secluded places where nature is untouched.....great pix

  19. wonderful imagery! just love this, Hank!