Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trying for a Cherry Souffle

Image: Hank's simple sketch in soft pastel
( a quickie effort)

Trying one’s hand at a Cherry Souffle
It would appear not that complicated
Going by the ingredients it should be easy
It’s just a matter of getting started

250 gms of fresh or canned cherries
Eggs sugar gelatin and whipped cream
As required toasted nuts to decorate
All set to whip up a dream

Get a 6” soufflé dish
brush and collar with oil
Deseed and chop the cherries
and leave a few for topping later
In a bowl place the sugar
and egg yolks mixture
Place over a pan of hot water
and whisk until creamy and thick
Place over gentle heat
The dissolved gelatin in water
Later cool all the mixture
throw in the nuts for good measure
Pour into the soufflé dish,
to set in the fridge
And to serve cold
It’s best we are  told

Note: Submitted for PFF on April 14,2017

Claudia is hosting at d’Verse for us to think
of food or a recipe in Poetics - Foodloose


  1. yum...i love cherries....esp fresh ones...and souffle is def not easy to make, but so good to eat....great one hank...hope you have a wonderful saturday!

    yeah your tomato post the other day def got me thinking...smiles...

  2. Hank, you have cooked up a good one here!! Both in your recipe and in your pastel. (I am so glad you are sharing your artwork too!)

  3. Sounds like quite the dish
    The cat would add it to fish
    Another great pastel too
    As always from you

  4. Would you make this for meeee!? :)

  5. Hank, this is great--I also love your pastel cherry...

  6. Looks good Hank ~ And it looks easy to do as you say ~

  7. That is a really GOOD drawing Hank. Very talented indeed.
    The recipe sound delicious!

  8. Good stuff! its amazing how a poetic description makes ones see things clearer :)... might try my hands on this. thanks!

  9. A delicious treat of a poem! K

  10. Yummy! Delicious. I would love to try this. It's not an easy dish to get right!

  11. i wanna have a piece of that cherry souffle...sounds delicious

  12. Save me a piece. I have a bottle of Moscato in the fridge - I'll bring it over...

  13. Love the pastel... and the poem. You make it sound so easy and I swear you made my mouth water...

  14. Sounds pretty good - great drawing too. k.

  15. it's almost as if it glows ... Great work!

  16. I adore cherries; one of my all time favourites. Your sketch is fabulous.

  17. looks delicious very realistic well done

  18. Wonderful colours create interest in this lifelike piece! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Fabulous cherry...really love it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. art to go with a recipe, that you so generously shared.
    it is a lovely cherry.

  21. That is very nice. Makes me hungry!

  22. Yum Cherry Souffle sounds so good. Wonderful painting of the cherry too.