Wednesday, October 17, 2012


                                                   Picture by Steve Partridge
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence (here)

He thought he could discern
glimpses of movements behind
Darting across chasms of emptiness
Playing tricks with his imagination
Even accompanied with sounds
Why were there rustling leaves?

Trudging through the evening sun
All alone through a minefield
Worst  yet, tall trees of stony silence
He had to endure the eerie feeling
For his house was at the far end
Why must he walk alone?

Aware of shadows lurking behind
He had to brave the quiet path
Idyllic in its structure he kept asking  
Moaning that he was subjected to all this
No choice was extended to him
What did he do wrong?

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt -shadows-


  1. Depends on the hike
    And if he decided to like
    If not, should have stuck his feet
    To a different beat
    And chose the unknown
    First, Brian can moan

  2. Oh...I wonder if he somehow has a guilty conscience? It seems as if he feels somehow oppressed in some way. Spooky write Hank!

  3. It sounds like a spooky walk....yoiks! Well done, Hank!

  4. For me, this represented a great metaphor for life, Hank. Great how you elicited a sense of fear!

  5. I have actually experienced this... on more than one occasion. Spooky!

  6. I like the way you ended each stanza with a question--good way to break up the musings. Excellent mood here conveyed with images. Well done and thanks for participating with my prompt.

  7. ha i feel you man...i grew up in the woods....and not only that with a graveyard as well in the back yard....things go bump in the night....smiles....but i think as well you touch some deeper issues in this as well...nicely done hank....

  8. Those are frightening shadows you have described, Hank. So nice to see YOU at Poetry Jam!

  9. Hank, made me look around too--great scene you created here as well as capturing that sixth sense feeling perfectly!

  10. tall trees of stony silence

    This short phrase conjured up a powerful image for me that tinted the whole poem. Great verse.

  11. A bit of a creepy poem! I enjoyed it, although I would say he's done nothing wrong. Those who brave the shadows have more opportunities to come into the light. :)

  12. When your destination is far....sometimes it can make it even spookier this Hank! :-)

  13. scary....but I think sometimes such feelings creep over....enjoyed!

  14. Well Hank, you managed to resurrect memories of those long walks (thru some pretty dense vegetation)home from grade school and music lessons! Nicely, I might add.

  15. Your poem made my skin crawl in a wonderfully spooky way...very nicely done!

  16. {{{shivers}}} i agree ~ very spooky! great take on the prompt, Hank!

    thanks for participating at Poetry Jam!


  17. I like the way you ask "why must he walk alone?" It adds an elusive element to the poem. Should we assume he walks alone by choice? Or has he been forced to endure his fate?

  18. sounds
    Why were there rustling leaves?

    I tell me that is exactly what they are all the time. (I ride my horse in the wooded trails by myself sometimes :)