Thursday, December 29, 2011


Image: Not quite the New Year yet
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

Resolutions more resolutions
Better than not having none

Make it a % game
No excuses so lame

Don't expect a 100%
At least achieve some

At year's end you're done
See!  It can be fun

Lamenting and regretting
For breaking resolutions yet again

Will be a thing of the past
Have a big laugh

The idea is
Double the no. and insist

That I’ll break only half
But diligently do the rest a must

Then your conscience is clear
To welcome the New Year!

Happy New Year every one
2011 has been much fun!

Submitted for d'Verse FormForAll - Couplets for the New Year


  1. haha a good way to look at it indeed
    Just as you said on my feed
    Make up nice and easy ones
    And then you can complete tons
    Throw a hard one in
    And try not to let it go to the trash bin
    But don't wait and just get it done
    Then one can go on to have some fun

  2. Thanks a lot Pat
    Pat Hatt and the Cat
    You've been such an inspiration
    For in my 2012 resolutions
    To write lots of poetry
    Hope not to go awry

    And as you've said, when it's all done
    We laugh together for all the fun


  3. I say "be gone you guilt-laden resolutions"... let's go on strike.

    Happy New Year, Hank.

  4. Happy new year Hank ~

    It has been great to read and follow you ~

    (aka Heaven)

  5. nice couplets hank...i have a few goals but i keep them flexible as you never know when things might change you know...

  6. Hank, you definitely have some good points. Make a ton of resolutions, and you are bound to be able to keep some of them. I love that philosophy. Happy New Year to you, Hank!

  7. Happy New Year Hank. May our ibadah is more sincere, more perfect, and accepted by the Almighty.

  8. Im always making my new year's resolution simple, just like how i plan my life, so everythng is attainable...

    Happy new year Pareng Hank!

    Pareng JJ

  9. A good way of looking at things.

    Happy New Year Hank.


  10. Perhaps resolve to have no resolutions...

  11. The same sentiments for you, Hank.

    Happy New Year!


  12. 1/2 is actually a pretty good deal. My resolution is to avoid people who want to exert moral authority over..well, anyone.

  13. And the same back to you!!

    I resolve to make no resolutions. Just love more in general.


  14. I like that one of your 2012 resolutions is to write lots of poetry -- your poetry needs to be written so others can read it! :)

    Lovely to meet you in 2011 -- look forward to getting better acquainted in 2012 -- one of my resolutions is to connect more with people I meet through my blog to let them know how much I appreciate their stopping by -- I appreciate your stopping by! :)

    Happy New Year!

  15. very reasonable.

    well done.


    Happy New Year!

  16. you have to aim high to achieve your highest level

  17. Witty and sensible, fun to read ... but I gave up resolutions long ago. :)

  18. Nice job on the resolutions theme!

    Happy New Year! And thanks for all your fun contributions to my 2011 Limerick-Offs!

    Not surprisingly, the one I just posted has a New Year's theme.

    Madeleine Begun Kane