Saturday, December 3, 2011


Charlie Brown the famous cartoon character of Charles M Schulz' s Peanuts
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Peanuts ain’t no peanuts
In 1950 it started
Till 2000 it was running strong
All of 50 years , that long
Charles M Schulz
Brought laughter to the world
Rewarded handsomely in return
And currently on printed re-runs
Of major newspapers

Who could forget
Linus and his warm blanket
Snoopy running around
And Charlie Brown
On the pitcher’s mould alone
and later tumbling
When Lucy snatched the ball
A kick he missed, and had a fall
Lucy’s love interest we’ve seen before
Schroeder bent on his piano
But till the end
Charlie’s girl friend
The Little Red-Hooded Girl
Wasn’t seen at all

In all probability
A Charles Schulz way
Of insisting Charlie Browns’s character
Is maintained as a Born Loser


  1. He's a sympathetic looser, but I like Linus better.

  2. he is the most charming loser i know...but peanuts fav always was snoopy...ha..

  3. Delightful - as is Peanuts himself.

  4. smiles. my parents had an old hardback book of peanuts comic strips...i spent many a day reading it on the back porch as a kid...

  5. Alice and Claudia - A born loser that was how most of us remember him. If not for that streak we would not have fondly remembered him that well. Just shows the genius of Charles Schulz. Thanks!

    Dave - Thanks!

    Brian - Lucky you! I had my first taste of it thru the comic strips of the local newspaper wehad here.


  6. This brought back memories.. one of my fav comic characters ~

    Thanks Hank ~

  7. You can't beat snoopy, poor Charlie Brown and his christmas tree too, I guess sticks can be pretty..haha

  8. Actually, I sometimes forget the looser part, even if it was huge, and simply remember him as the one with a round head and zig zag T-shrit.

  9. Heaven - Fond memories to me too! Thanks.

    Pat - Snoopy and Charlie
    Buddies so chummy

    Alice - Yes, the main character sticks on. Thanks


  10. Hello.
    Poor Charlie Brown...never could catch a break. Him & Snoopy bring back pleasant memories for me too.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I always love hearing from you.

    For ref:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  11. Hank, you won't believe this, but as this poem came up on my screen, my Pandora shuffle of ten different genres started playing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" from Charlie Brown Christmas. I swear! Doesn't get much better than this - that music and your sweet, sweet tribute. Born loser, no way. He is Everyone, at some time in our lives! Amy

  12. Love Charlie Brown! I still like watching the TV holiday shows every year!

  13. This is really beautiful. The rhyme, the content, beautiful, nostalgic, informative.

  14. Andy - Yes, memories! Thanks.

    Amy - What a coincidence! Sometimes things have a way of making an entrance in our lives. They are sending the Yuletide cheer this early, huh!
    Ok, not a born loser, got his way at times. Being the main character he stands out somehow and lose out guy stuck in our minds. Thanks Amy!

    Lola - If you are still at it, I'm not surprised. You are one of many others. Thanks!

    oceangirl - Thanks Ma'am!


  15. We couldn't let go, so Peanuts still appears. That is really something. Beautiful post.

  16. Sandy Ma'am,
    I'm with you. Thanks!


  17. A wonderful write. The Peanuts gang - they remain forever special as your poem beautifully expresses :)

  18. How I love Peanuts...I have a soft spot for Charlie, named my loud mouth cat after Lucy, and I have Snoopy on my front license plate :) ...and I enjoyed your tribute to them

  19. Your poem brought back so many memories. How I used to enjoy all of the Peanuts characters -- in comics and also their seasonal television shows. Thank you for this write that sent my mind reflecting on what we don't have any more.

  20. I always enjoyed those cartoons and you've captured them well!
    Madeleine Begun Kane