Monday, December 5, 2011

Left Hand

 Image1: Half way through my stubby left

Image2: I can make it less stubby as a finished 'product'. Can still be improved with more shadings but will do for this purpose.    
A Sketch

Note: I was taken up with seeing some very good sketches of budding artists while browsing. Portraits are nice but to maintain a likeness of someone well known is something else. Like any sport, constant practice is necessary. Figure sketching can lead to portrait painting. For want of a better object, my left hand can be a start. I did a quick one just 20 minutes ago.

                                Tugging a little
                                Space of wondrous expanse, bright
                                Tickling on my mind

                                Paper and pencil
                                Want of an object to sketch
                                Stubby left will do


  1. I wish I could sketch like that ... or at all.

    Stick figures still stump me. :)
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  2. Madeleine,
    Thanks Ma'am,nothing like trying!I remember on some occasions before I would crumple the paper when it didn't turn out ok. At other times I would leave it and started on a fresh one. There were frustrations, yes!


  3. I agree... Practice is very important... I used to sketch really well few years back.. I even won several prizes for it.. But then i gave it a break of 3yrs.. and now when i tried sketching few days back... Its wasn't that good :(

  4. You are good Pareng Hank. I wish I can do like that. If that is a practice, can you teach me then how to do practice, lol!..

    Pareng JJ

  5. I must commend you heartily on the draughtsmanship. They really are very good indeed. I am somewhat envious.

  6. are very talented hank...i like the shading on your hand giving it depth...very good job...

  7. I like hand sketches.. u said it right, like sport it needs practice..

    well, nice work...:)

  8. ParengJJ,
    Practice you say? Good, anyone can give it a try, seriously! Let's see,you can start with your left hand too, why not?

    1. Draw 5 lines like outstretched fingers. Keep in mind their relative lengths (thumb the shortest)
    2. Then put flesh around each
    3. Shade each to give the 3D effect. When shading decide where is the sun. If on its left then the left side is lighter and the right side is darker (a lighted bulb if inside a room)
    4. If you don't like what you see (normal for the 1st time) do the sequence again and again and again!
    5. This is practice.
    6. Post the results and Madhu and I hopefully will be able to put in some comments. Ok with you Madhu? Thanks!

    Happy sketching!


  9. Wow you really are talented, great depth you put into it. Sadly even with practice I prob couldn't even trace my hand right..hahaha

  10. Dave - Thanks, you are always there with a quick response. Appreciate it!

    Brian - Thanks and permission to draw your portrait for 'practice' for a start.

    Pramoda - Thanks, you do one on your hand, would you?


  11. Pat,
    As a short cut that is exactly what some students do. By doing so 'flesh' is in. The next step is shading and, hey presto!


  12. Madhulika,
    You have now confirmed my suspicion. Not having sketched for many years, it takes lots of efforts to regain the touch. It is like starting out all over again. May have to do it side by side with poetry writing.


  13. lovely sketch.... talented HAnk :)
    I wish I can draw like this, My drawings r horrible :P

  14. Your hand isn't any stubbier than mine.

  15. I was told a long time ago by an expert that I can only draw what I love best. So far I have only managed to sketch horses, Nadia Comaneci when I was younger and a gymnast, my daughters and my hubby. And my home and plants.

    Maybe I should take up sketching again.

    Thanks Sir Hank for the inspiration.

  16. Very realistic sketching, Hank ... I am sure more so if viewing the original ... nice Haiku to accompany it! Thank you for sharing both!