Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is it True?

Image:1 The Mayan Calendar
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

That's it, good-bye everyone.It has been a good year.2011 has been wonderful.I'm making my countdown.I've exactly one year,365 days to do what I want to do.Yes just one complete year and there's so much to do, Dec 21,2012,one year from now.
What're you rambling about?
That's all the time.Time is running out!
Time for what.Is there someone who has 1 year to live?
Not just someone,everyone!
Hey,be serious
Yes,everyone! It's the end of the world. Apocalypse Now!
Come off it!
Don't ho! ho! ho! this!That's what the Mayans said.The end of the world is on Dec 21 next year.
I don't want to believe it! Maybe we can build bomb shelters (sarcastic) That's what everyone did during the Cold War.
But that would be ok if it skims off things on the surface. We're talking of the whole world!A gigantic meteor is supposed to smash Earth to smithereens!
Yeah,that's true. Or maybe shift the earth's orbit! It can be done.Einstian said so (sarcastic)
Yeah,we can get the Apple people to think about it.They are innovative,they should know what to do!

But one thing!
Why are we bothered
Yeah,it's the world's problem,not yours or mine
That's not what I mean
What exactly you mean?
Why should we be bothered (soliloquy)
You've said that!
Ok,I mean the Mayans aren't bothered
They're looking forward to the date. the whole of Mexico!In fact they're making a count-down from today,Dec21 2011.There is even in Tapachula an 8-foot digital clock to monitor the count-down
Yeah, in fact it has taken a commercial angle!
They're selling it! Mexico's tourism agency expects to draw 52 million visitors next year, more than double the 22 million presently.And this is only to Chiapas,Yucatan,Quintan Roo,Tabasco and Campeche.
And that's not even the whole of Mexico!
Yeah,many archaeologists believe the 2012 reference found on the 1300 year-old tablet only makes reference to the end of an era,a cycle in the Mayan calendar.'The world will not end' a tourism spokesman said.For us it is only a message of hope'
That's what they said.So why are you all worked up?
I don't know!

Note: Fear and boldness, contrast in effect. While we thought they fear but they are welcoming it!

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  1. Dear All,
    Below is the extract of my comments in Pat's blog.My posting is of the same theme but Pat beats me to it

    'kaykuala said...

    Posted on the same idea
    But you've done earlier
    Didn't know about it then
    They said about Great Men?
    That is right!
    They think alike!

    December 22, 2011 1:22 AM'

  2. Great men think alike, that is true.

    I smiled reading the poem (it is a poem?).

  3. Wonderful post Hank. both of you have captured the same subject but in different ways.


  4. haha awww giving me a shout, as well as saying great men think alike. And without a single psych. As you know think it's a bunch of bull and will be glad when these crazies no longer have any pull.

  5. In Alberta there was a Church of the End Times, and they said the world was going to end in 2000, but it didn't. So they changed it to 2001. But it didn't end then, either. So they changed the name of their church.
    Of course they won't be paying any attention to the Mayans, because they think Mayans are heathens and therefore shouldn't have anything to do with predicting the end of the world.

  6. i figure when it gets here i will be ready for it no matter when it happens you sense worrying about it...smiles...nice one hank

  7. i'll be worried all year

  8. If we believe that the end of times is near, will that change the way we live our lives? That is the question. You wrote a fascinating poem that causes me to think.

  9. lol - loved it, Hank.

    Seems the world will continue or end whether we like it or not. If this is the last year coming up, I hope we all make good use of our limited time :)

  10. I've lived through so many expected apocalypses I'm losing count.

  11. This was a fun read. Makes me wish it were this easy to talk a worrier around. Nicely done.

    I’ll admit I had to read your comment on my haiku a couple of times before it all sunk in (probably because I was up too late writing and too early to common sense). I’d like to be able to capture it all–forest, trees, falling tree, and any other participant in the moment. When I get to that point, maybe I’ll have a poem or two published. Thank you for your visit, comment, and encouragement. Happiness to you and yours this season.

  12. Frankly, we all gotta go sometime, so it might even be cool if the whole world goes at the same time. ;_) Nice contrast here, and some interesting facts as well. Happy Holidays, Hank.

  13. I like it Hank. Thanks for the info as well.

    Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays ~

    Cheers for a great year ~


  14. this is deep and knowledgeable.

  15. I enjoyed the conversational tone you wrote this in. I have friends who are very freaked out about it. For me, it will happen when and if it happens. All we can do is live the best we can in the present moment!