Friday, December 16, 2011

Hot Meals

 Image:1 My pencil sketch of one from the kitchen.

Image:2 Another sketch in soft pastel on A4 size dark creative paper with soft shadings.

Note: Please bear with me. The objects drawn are not arranged in a nice Still Life format. This was done in a hurry, rather crude. I'm trying to pick up sketching again. I'm inspired by someone and I need to practise a lot.  Simple objects readily available in the kitchen is fun!

Mouth Waters

Hot chilly peppers
Malaysian nasi lemak
Hot Indian curry

Hotter the better
Szechuan  fried prawn with chilly
Dutch sambal oeleck

Oozing through the ears
Mouth opens tongue hot and wet
Eye waters, nose red

And tabasco sauce?
Appetizing  and filling
Hot stuff  holding ground

Haiku inspired verse.


  1. I like that you try your hand in sketching.

    My tongue is starting to water here...though I can't stand hot and chilly food, I do enjoy its flavour in the dishes ~

  2. Great sketch indeed and hot food also can't be withstood at my feed. But then not much food can with Pat, altthough almost anything will be eaten by the cat.

  3. Heavens - In our part of the world chilly is a must. The hotter the more appetizing. You'll come to like it in time.

    ayala - Thanks Ma'am!

    Pat - My daughter brought back a Scottish Fold from the US and it took just one brand of cat's food, nothing else. Your cat is more versatile!


  4. Hot food is essential at the moment as the weather here is freezing cold, Loved the post Hank.
    Have a good week-end.

  5. Yvonne,
    True! Cold weather and hot food seems likely combination!


  6. Delicious dishes and delicious lines.

  7. nice...i love my food hot...we used to grow our own peppers as well...loved it...great picture too man

  8. your post Pareng Hank, just made me remember my favorite filipino dish, bicol express. it is made of pork, hot chili, a lot of onions and boiled in coconut milk. yummy!

    Pareng JJ

  9. I love spicy food, Hank. I enjoy these, and love the top sketch.


  10. Dave - Delicious when consumed on rare occasions!

    Brian - Some like it hot what with your own peppers. You can choose the most crunchy and enjoy more

    Thanks Madhu

    Slamat JJ. But I've also heard of 'balooo...t.' Something like over developed egg and underdeveloped chicks? Interesting!


  11. Pam,
    Mexican food I think would be ideal for you. The pencil sketch is easier to do in fact!


  12. They might be done in a hurry, but the sketches still make my mouth water. I want a chili relleno.

  13. spicy, hot and delicious post it is :)
    well in India no meal is complete without some chilly in it... :D

    drawings r awesome hank....
    keep it up n share with us as much as u can :)

  14. Thank you for your visit and kind comment on my son's unexpected haiku. I was thrilled he thought of me enough to send the poem. The event took place after his wrestling practice while out to eat with friends, an unlikely time to think of your mom and write her a poem.

    I used to enjoy spicy meals above all others, except maybe chocolate, but those days are past. I still like them, but the heat must be turned down and the portion limited. Sigh. Disadvantages of age I guess. Thank you for inviting me over. Hope to see you again at Shiteki Na Usagi.

    Yousei Hime

  15. Alice - Have one Ma'am,one for the road!

    Jyoti - We have lots of hot Indian curry to choose from here.Sometimes we go for a change in diet but not too often though. Hot curry makes one eat a lot! I'll be sketching more in 2012, Thanks Ma'am!

    Mama Zen - Thanks

    Yousei - Nice of you to send a lengthy response. I'll make regular visits. Thanks Ma'am!


  16. I love the soft pastel. Would work well on the wall of any Italian kitchen :-). ~Mary