Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Limericks 7

Limericks submitted earlier to Madeleine Kane's Humor Blog at the various dates. Madeleine posted the first line and we were to continue.

kaykuala says:
October 6, 2011 at 9:51 am
A woman who dressed with much flair
Was such a joy to see for those who care
Flaunting her assets
Got the wives upset
Much to the delight of the menfolk there


kaykuala says:
October 2, 2011 at 7:21 am
A gal in the mood for a bite…
Met a guy who wants something light
They got going
For a light fling
But it got right through a raucous night


  1. haha...i imagine that first one would cause quite a fuss hank...nicely done and thanks for lightening the mood...smiles.

  2. these limericks were a lot of fun to read

  3. i love both of these Pareng Hank esp the first one...

    Pareng JJ

  4. Brian - thanks and with apologies to our wonderful womenfolk!

    Caty - thanks for dropping by again.

    ParengJJ - appreciate it!


  5. Fun, Hank. No apologies needed for this woman. I often write my limericks from the guy POV! Victoria

  6. hahaha yes that woman would get many in trouble..haha

  7. Lol..

    PS: hey, by the way, what's ur name?

  8. You always make me smile when you do the limericks, Hank. Nice.

  9. ha…
    True to the limerick's bawdy form,
    These two poems do match the norm.
    Racy hot the heated fling;
    In aftermath, a bawdy bling,
    Will cost a husband in the morn.

    nice two pieces, very humorous.

  10. So if it lasts all night, does that make it a heavy fling?

    - Alice

  11. Hello.
    I'm not a rhymer, but I always have a good laugh whenever I visit Mad Kane's blog. She knows how to get everyone going with her Limericks!

    These are a lot of fun.
    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

    For ref:
    Under Your Spell

  12. Hank, you have a real flair with limericks. I am just recently getting into Mad Kane's blog..these two you shared really made me smile.

  13. Victoria - thanks, it's so reassuring!

    SR Mike - thanks dude, you're one special guy with a unique blog, awesome!

    Pat - friendly rivalry
    everyone is happy
    should be

    Ollie - thanks,meeting again after a long while

    Jyoti - thanks!

    Pramoda - kaykuala my cyber ID and Hank's my nom de plume

    Joy - thanks for your frequent visits!


  14. Ah, the best laid plans! So much for the best laid plans. Life goes on.

  15. cute. limericks are always so fun.

  16. Marvin -) Thanks
    Yvonne -)

    Alice - I suppose it does, let them!

    Ninot Ma'am - It sure is fun!

    Andy - If not for Mad Kane Limerick is foreign to me

    Mary - Thanks Mary. It's going to be fun. I'd like to try anything at least once. But limericks is too good to pass of.


  17. amazing details,
    what a treat.

    lovely limericks.

  18. Thank you Morning and kittyaugust!