Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pride of living creatures in colorful feathers - Flash 55

                                                                        Attribution: © Twins Seven Seven (2007)

Image: The Singing Birds In Egg Count (here)
(Inspired by Nigerian artist Twins Seven Seven
whose paintings are styled Primitivism)

We look sprayed in kaleidoscopic hues
Pride of living creatures in colorful feathers
Not drab grey of thick skinned rhino blues
But of regal peacocks parrots and kingfishers

We look down on others from high above
Transcending regions miles of distance
Used to freedom without borders
Why keep us caged just to admire our affluence
(55 words)

For Kerry's Flash 55 Plus at Real Toads


  1. Wonderful write Hank. many people I fear look down on me because of my Epilepsy but what people don't realise the illness can and do strike anyone at anytime irrespecitive of who or what we are.
    Great poem to start the new week.

  2. I love the gentle rhyme of this poem and the shape, which illustrate the truth that lies within.

  3. Freedom without borders indeed! A love of all things natural is evident in this poem. Thanks, Hank.

  4. The regal sure get the awe looks while the rest are looked down upon like crooks.

  5. There is no beauty in imprisonment. I love that you've given them room to fly!

  6. Nice going, Hank.
    I'm an open borders person also.

  7. Why indeed. Nothing can be admired fully in a cage. Loved it, Hank.

  8. Love your final thoughts. No cages!

  9. Oh yes keep them free... love that thought... the caged bird is a great metaphor too.