Saturday, September 17, 2016

They had designs of being champions

                                                                                       Attribution: Sgt. Brian Glass
Image: Players with Markers (guns)
at the ready (here)

Note:  Paintballs (pellets) - the ammunition used
in the marker (guns) are spherical gelatin capsules
of non-toxic, water-soluble substances and dye

the 12 given words:
champion deplorable try spring 
smite (to afflict or strike with deadly effect)
writhe straw guise fire basket dye us

They had designs of being champions
The records of the last few games were
deplorable and they swore to do better

They tried to spring a surprise attack
in the final stages before but unfortunately
they were themselves  'surprised' instead
The hunter became the hunted. What a
smite they received. They could see
themselves writhing in pain as the
paintball pellets were quite lethal on
soft spots of the body not protected 
It was the last straw. They were not about 
to easily forget it this time.

Under guise of night given by the tree
shadows and to hold back fire until
absolutely necessary so as to inflict
maximum hits they did better this time

Their basket of strategies worked wonders
They were not splayed with as much of
the dyes as did before.. It was a successful
outing and they learnt from their mistakes
'They got us before but we got the last laugh'

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #266
Outlawyer's at Real Toad's - following
a thread  -  weekend mini challenge


  1. I've never played paintball, but I hear its a lot of fun. I imagine some people do get pretty intense while playing.

  2. They managed to come out on top this time.
    I've never played it either. Some people are really serious about it though.

  3. Yikes -- you give a great description of the experience. Thanks. k.

  4. I think I rather not die from dye... it can be quite painful

  5. I hear it is quite popular. I'd give it a pass though even if you did describe it so well.

  6. They play paintball in the forest near my house. I've never tried it though. Great description!

  7. Great pity all major conflicts aren't settled that way! The losers get a pasting - of paint!

  8. What a great story of game that I have, in the past, both enjoyed and regretted playing LOL! (many bruises and scrapes later...) You did a great job of incorporating challenging vocab in too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. good fun, not bad having the last laugh

    much love...

  10. Can learn and come back for the win. I never tried it at my sea.

  11. my sons used to paintball, but have moved on to more sedate and pseudo lethal online gaming. I think I'd rather have them running around ~