Saturday, September 24, 2016

ruffled a little and away they fly

                                                                                                Attribution: LaurMG
Image: Up Against the World  (here)

been through with life without relish
one so true and sincere hard to come by
even a rough diamond to be polished
ruffled a little and away they fly

It forked in and out a little like the tongue   
Of that frightened garter snake we caught 
warming it up with them but it ended far-flung
slithered off the grasp so painstakingly sought

yearned for the one who strayed in before
'You come up after dark, you poise alone   
With me on the shore'
she never did come but always to postpone

faint heart put off the cake not likely to succeed
reflecting on the misfortune of what went wrong
blaming others while the heart continued to bleed
perhaps karma rejoiced in singing its song

Note: (lines in italics - inspired by James Wright's
poems hosted by Grace on Dec 13, 2014)

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  1. I like the idea of karma rejoicing in every song! Thanks, Hank.

  2. Can come back to bite you indeed. But then again, sometimes it doesn't.

  3. A great poem indeed. Liked the subject.

  4. I wonder if we can ever find karma better than in a song.

  5. Nice, Hank ~~ Last first, the 'cake' reminded me of the song, "McCarther's Park" ("it took so long to make it", yours never did bake.
    I did have a problem getting a meaning from the first verse, is there something missing?