Sunday, September 25, 2016

get it off your chest

                                                                                               Attribution: Jonas Levin
Image: An injection kit used in harm reduction
programs and given to intravenous drug addicts.(here)

the 12 given words:
will you submit  scream free pot 
after mess chest rinse ashes date 

will you submit, it is a scream
free pot but you'll be at risk

the problem is real
the problem is current
addressed by authorities
in peculiar ways

they mean business
3000 bumped off from the streets
barely within a year after
the President's installation
pushers get killed in the Philippines
they disappeared and none the wiser
the police asked no questions
there were no messing around

get it off your chest
weed grass ice crack cocaine heroin
what-have-you, rinse it off

rise from the ashes quit the drug scene
athletes who cheat lay off from it

no dates to pick, to start it off
it is immediate, pronto!

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #267 and
Mary's at PU;s Poetry Pantry #321


  1. Sometimes there's no time like the present..the first step is the hardest

    1. So wise. But those who are brave enough to take the first (guiding) steps are the ones who will be rewarded.

  2. Best way to quit is to never begin. If not, quit before it kills you.

  3. playing a deadly game, best to quit while you still can

  4. Never start so no quitting comes due, but if one does, quit right away indeed.

  5. That is quite a whirl. Meanwhile, families can't afford and epi pen for family members with allergies.

  6. Where I reside it is renown for the drug abuse, Once that first step is taken it's still hard to come off completely but if one is thinking positive to come off drugs they will I sure succeed.
    PS: I'm having a shot on Friday at the doctors for my arthitic shoulders.....not to be confused with addictivness.
    Great poem Hank.

  7. I love that clever title. It makes me think of breastfeeding. :P And although this sounds crazy, my toddler just will NOT stop nursing. He wants it nonstop. So for me, my milk might as well be crack-cocaine as far as my son is concerned.

    I love being able to apply a seemingly unrelated metaphor to my own life.

    Well done. :)

  8. Fortunate are we who never went down that path which to me is the worst life imaginable, other than being tortured by extremists.

  9. The first step is always the most difficult.. powerful write Hank :)

  10. I guess there are several ways of quieting.. the most important is to really want it of course.

  11. It's a disease that can be cured if we could only resolve the "root" cause.

  12. Making the Wordle work for its living in an anti-drug message is a good idea!

  13. Good read here, Hank.... rise from the ashes quit the drug scene....
    this can be the biggest battle for life, for alot of people.

  14. Always good to find a way to get it off one's chest.

  15. good write; and as previous comments stated, the first is the important step into getting off dangerous drugs

    Thank you for dropping in at the Sunday Standard Hank

    much love...

  16. Sadly that first step is the hardest when the craving is at its peak. The Philippino solution may sound severe but if it us successful it may encourage other countries to also take more corrective measures.

  17. There but for the grace of God so go many of us. Powerful writing.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings

  18. The Wordle made a very effective Drug Whirl ...