Saturday, September 3, 2016

Exasperation written all over his face

                                                                 Attribution: Musée du Louvre
Image: The most known, seen and talked about
smile in the world, that of Lisa Gherardini (here)

We tend to smile in the exact same language  -  Sanaa
(To write inspired by above)

Lost in the woods of concrete jungle
Exasperation written all over his face
The Eiffel Tower far away in the background
could not help to alleviate his concern
Lost in Paris he could only say oui or
where appropriate merci but nothing else
He had been warned, know your French to
get around but never to be heard uttering
whispers of Queen's English or you are done for

The next person he approached he flashed a
big wide smile and got in return thankfully
a friendly response  -  a similarly wide grin

He started talking in his own lingo and with
sign language and  indicated his desire
The frail old lady of course talked in French and
never in his life he had been made guessing of
what the conversation was being bandied about.

He guessed right for after walking over to the Metro
further smiles thrown very generously and peeking
at the map incessantly he finally made it

The Louvre right there in front of him
He felt so sorry she had been patiently waiting for so long
He was glad he had at least arrived safely for his date with Mona Lisa

For Sanaa's A Dash of Sunny Prompt Nights and
Mary's at PU.s Poetry Pantry #318


  1. We can accomplish so much with a smile that comes from the heart. For they are contagious, and so great at the art of opening doors... or helping us find our way.

  2. What an awesome adventure he had...and what an awesome smile too :D XXX

  3. a smile from within really has that glow of familiarity...language doesn't matter then...a nice one Hank...

  4. Whistles!!! ❤❤ Love, love, love this :D No doubt when we smile it turns the entire situation around and works wonders on our behalf. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

  5. Smile and the world smiles at you - and a clever linking of finding Mona Lisa :)

  6. Yes, she has been amiably patient for a few hundred years hasn't she?

  7. Yes sometimes a smile will help us find our way! Beautifully narrated, Hank!

    And thank you for visiting my new blog :)

  8. A little smile can go a long way and good of her to wait all that while too lol

  9. A tantalizing tale you have woven here, Hank!

  10. I would love to return to Paris and take my time at the Louvre. I took a cook's tour but it was fun.
    Sweet story.

  11. I enjoyed Hank making his way across Paris, smiles and gesticulations and good will assisting in getting directions.

  12. Very good piece of writing here, smiles .....

  13. I like the connection of the broad, friendly smile to Mona Lisa's elusive smile. Good poem.

  14. Oh yes smiles and hands can take you a long time....

  15. A smile is worth a thousand words.

  16. Yes, a smile can do what nothing else can. Thanks for the smile,


  17. This is really clever - and brought a smile.

  18. Wonderful and interesting subject, excellently written.

  19. Haha ...aren't you just the pip!
    That was awesome, thanks.

  20. The magic of a smile well related and to meet with yet another and famous smile; what a brilliant write; i'm smiling

    much love...

  21. I like all the smiles here and how giving one gets one and more.

  22. Smiles are the key in any language. Love it.