Monday, September 5, 2016

Not ignorant of the inherent danger

                                                                                           Attribution: Alicia Savage
Image: By the Sea Shore (here)
(MLMM's Photo Challenge #129)

the 12 given words:
shine precise bee lightness ignorant sparkle 
tapestry (fabric used for wall hangings, furniture coverings)
mutable (liable or subject to change or alteration)
threat veiled flaked
Rain or shine at the precise hour
She would make a bee-line to the sea shore
with a lightness most unusual

Not ignorant of the inherent danger
but with a sparkle in her eyes
she sat bathed with expectations of a 
young lover left hurriedly by her beau

She had been lucky this far
for at exactly 0600 hours
a deathly calm enveloped the early 
morning sky
clear of the tapestry of dark 
cloud formations that shrouded the dawn
barely a few minutes ago

A slight breeze picked up the kite 
fashioned like a sailing boat
to greet  the rising sun on the horizon.
The same cuttlefish that came yesterday
would wave her tentacles from the distance

Not mutable thereafter for at least one hour
with no threat to her person
she sat there not a movement was apparent

Then a sudden change of mood occurred
of a somber being that veiled a happy self 
for the past previous hour
it now flaked itself from the quiet mood
to a changed person
The kite lowered itself to her feet and
she was ready to go back

Happy that her hour long daily 
meditation was now accomplished

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #264
MLMM's Photo Challenge #129) and
Marian's at Real Toad's the tuesday platform


  1. I do like the way a mind might soar... best meditation ever (I don't believe in danger)

  2. Made goosebumps rise on my arms... but, all's well.

  3. A meditation on kite flying sounds pretty good to Me!

  4. A meditation that sure would work the mind as many things to find.

  5. "with a lightness most unusual" ... I wish every story/day could begin this way.

    Now I want to fly a night kite ... that glows in the dark, of course, after my kids go to bed.

  6. I like the idea of creating a space in time for the mind.

  7. I'd like to do that, Hank. Of course I could sit on our back porch and listen to the water falling. Even put my feet in to get her feel.
    But I would still miss this little lovely action:
    "The same cuttlefish that came yesterday
    would wave her tentacles from the distance
    I personally would think, though, that after this long time, it would come closer, perhaps nibble her toes. I sure would.

  8. The shape of your poem looks like a bottle to me. Perhaps your beautiful words traveled the sea.

  9. If meditation goes well the mind does soar! Just like this poem.

  10. I absolutely love this poem. One of my new favorites Hank. I want to fly that kite at night and soar a distant plane.

  11. You did a splendid job of using the words, Hank.


  12. I love the words: Tapestry of dark cloud formation -