Thursday, September 15, 2016

the stake seems within reach - a Clerihew

                                                                                           Attribution: Marc Nozell
Image:  Attendees at a Donald Trump rally(here)

A Clerihew is a comic verse of two couplets
with a rhyming scheme of aabb. The first line
names a well-known person and the second
line rhymes with the name of the person.

They said Trump exceeded his welcome
But he is seriously wooing the Russians
Confident, the stake seems within reach
Health issues putting Hilary under siege

Tycoon Donald Trump lording it over
The forty-fifth President come November
Sees the world a market to be exploited
World leaders be forewarned or 'you're fired'!

Gayle's at d'Verse's Form For All -  the clerihew


  1. Ah.. I think the last word is not said yet...

  2. So hope he loses, ugg to that buffoon

  3. I figured some of these would go political. ;) Not my favorite subject matter for a poem, for sure, but you've handled it well.

    1. Me either. I tend not to comment on 'political' poems. I will usually "like" the process.

  4. I echo De's sentiments, Hank. It's a serious business here in the states with the outrageous political idiocy that's happening. But I'm so glad you joined in with our Clerihew prompt...thank you! :)

  5. Our minds ran down similar veins; politico poems can be humorous with a cutting edge; smile.

  6. With such worrisome possibilities I can understand the need to vent.

  7. I give a couple of limericks myself, Hank:
    Leave the buffoon Trump, bungling
    Through November's election, it's coming
    If the yanks choose the idiot
    It'll be a real riot
    The whole world would roll over laughing.

    Look instead at our own Clown
    Right here in town
    Spewing nonsense left and right
    Claiming he's in the right
    When he's really controlled by the one in gown !

  8. I'm not into politics but loved your post.

  9. Political venting is needed these days. But I must say, I find him absolutely frightening. Frightening more is that polls are getting closer. This just can NOT happen! There's my vent for you!

  10. The "you're fired" bit gave me a chuckle!