Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not to Lose All!

                                                                                         Attribution: Zellmi
Image: Lost the Bone in the Water
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

You’ve heard of the dog in the manger
Which kept others at bay while it lounged
At a place not readily its domain
Just so others were deprived of its use

Not short on dog stories there’s another
Not unlike the one in the manger but close

Secured with a bone clenched between its teeth
Happily on the way home it crossed a brook
It spied its reflection in the water, bone and all
Thinking it was an easy picking for another bone
It opened its mouth to wrest at the other
Down dropped the bone and now it had none

And the moral of the story kids,
Be happy with  what you already have
As a wrong attitude might cause you to lose all

Victoria is hosting at d'Verse with prompt  The Mind of a Child, d'Verse Poeticd


  1. This moral holds true not only for kids but for every one. To be happy and thankful to god for his each blessing:-).

  2. ah greed will def get you in trouble if you dont watch it...there is peace found in contentment....

  3. That is very true, could lose it all in an instant

  4. Oh, the sad-looking dog in the photo looks as if it has definitely learned the moral of the second story, Hank.

  5. complete with the moral Hank, I like. I am going to try poetry again Hank, and to stay, insyaaAllah

    1. Please do, Lisa! Welcome back to the club!


  6. Very true, a good lesson to learn. Nice!

  7. A good moral for us all, also to appreciate the good times in life as we all go through the rough at times.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  8. Great moral here and a good laugh for stupidity of the poor mutt... Little bit of Aesop ...

  9. ...because it was "in his nature."
    I love stories with a moral at the end.
    Nice fable you have penned, here!

  10. Wonderful lesson for children...and perhaps, even more so, for adults!