Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghoulish and Macabre

                                                                                        Attribution: Bissolis
Image: Halloween Pumpkin
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Uncanny designs devilish in nature
Its appearance ghoulish and macabre
Leaving  imagination set to venture
Acceptable even without a lure

Transcending through time and space
Flirtatious roaming about the community
Scouring door to door moving in a maze
Trick or treats not entirely charity

But beware youngsters of present day danger
Times have changed now wrought with risks
Stalkers aplenty when opportunities appear
Defenseless revelers not given a miss

While among those friendly house owners
Once, one was known to have pulled a gun
Contending at the door a would-be robber
Or was it just a mere excuse of defense

Ghost-themed and morbid all so sincere
Halloween to fulfill an annual adventure
Having them indoors can be served better
To stifle probabilities of impending danger

Anna hosting at d'Verse's Meeting the Bar: Wild Beast. Anna has a macabre avant garde as a theme


  1. ah there are def stalkers a plenty...i had a few a couple years ago...for the kids its all the scarier...they dont know how to handle it...and may even find it alluring as well on some level that one will pay attention to them...

  2. And despite the ghoulish and the macabre, you point to human dangers, not supernatural ones. Sad and true.

  3. Danger lurking in the surroundings!!!

  4. you resonate with maggie grace... it's scary and sad that things like this happen... we really have to be careful

  5. There is always danger...stranger danger even in your own neighbourhood. Scary times we live in that's for sure.

  6. Have to watch the creepers around for sure, danger lurks about, sad but true

  7. Very well done, the darker side of things can be alluring and yet we sense it should be the opposite.

  8. Danger is everywhere we just have to keep our wits

  9. Yes danger is everywhere but so is love and happiness. Great verse Hank.

  10. Where I live (on the top of a mountain) it is too cold and dangerous for kids to trick or treat. Instead they trunk or treat at school where all the parents, the fire and police departments, get together to provide games and safe fun.