Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Step A Time

                                                                   Author: Loadmaster (D.R. Tribble 
Image: On a Concrete Step Ledge
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Taking a step a time
Walk don’t run
Easy does it!

Not stepping out of line
A common compromise
Not upsetting the apple cart

Stepping on a toe
One ought to be careful
Lest one get rewarded with a bloody nose

Walking in steps
Like soldiers do
Disciplined and proper

Step in the right direction
It’s a good education
Dignified with successful conclusion

Taking many steps
Play safe with
Life’s choices

Stepping stones in discoveries
So is the thinking!

Written for Mary's hosting at  Poetry Jam with prompt  - steps


  1. Step carefully is the way to be and yep avoid stepping on a toe

  2. each step we make is a choice....and try as we might we wont always make the best, but....we try...and try not to get too many steps ahead of ourselves as well..

  3. Yes, life is a series of steps. We must take them with caution.

  4. I love the "stepping stones in discoveries". Good one, Hank.

  5. Great poem, taking that step is all important. Love this.

  6. Love the exploration of steps.

  7. You have really given us a broad picture of the steps people take; and I am very much in favor of taking a step in the right direction!! Definitely makes for an easier path...

  8. I like how you have weaved well-known phrases into a poem! And ending with the idea of "Stepping stones in discoveries" is perfect.

  9. Lots of steps here--neat exploration and I like the photo you chose.

  10. To stepping stones! and choices! Nice read, Hunk.

  11. Hank,

    A beautiful poem which immediately reminds me of the particular stage in life that my little grandson is at just now. Walking, running wanting to explore alone...You know that very inquisitive age ( 2-3 years). Youe poem has it all there with now and what is yet to come, step by step...


    BTW: Hank, I noticed your messgae at The Poet Interview for Sherry at Poets United...The sad news about dear Dave King. Thank you for mentioning it, since I was not aware either..I have left a comment at his Pics and Poems Blog. Thank you for extending this goodness abnout online friends:) Eileen
    My new Blog for any connection is:

    1. I felt it hard Eileen! In his warm ways he left deep imprints!


  12. Hank, a great poem of the journey of steps, enjoyed all the different steps you took--definitely have to watch out for the toes :-)