Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Companion to Obesity

                                                                          Attribution: Evans Amos
Image:  A Familiar Treat
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: The image is not the Hillbilly 10 Pounder Burger which is way bigger.
Not quite ghoulish or spooky but a monster no less

A monster of an offering
A Hillbilly Hotdogs’10 Pounder Burger
Gobble and munch no fearing
On the road to being an obese contender

Where to find it, needn’t look far
It’s a  West Virginian specialty
Enjoyed by all and not a mar
to the state’s 31% of adult obesity

The ingredients if one cares to know
Comprised bread, lettuce, 10 pounds of beef
2 pounds of pickles, 3 onions, 3 tomatoes
And would you believe it, 25 slices of cheese

Fat content of 10 pounds of burger meat
is more than 800 grams of fat with ease
Or to put it more simply, it is the day’s fats feed
For 12 women and not even counting the cheese

Hail all lovers of fast foods
The convenience that matter
Having it in a jiffy governs the mood
Couldn’t trade for anything better

Written for Shanyn's hosting at d'Verse Poetics: Lighter side of
ghouls & goblins on a monster of sorts


  1. oh that is a monster....its scary the lengths we go to in deferrence to our eat one of these surely cant be good for you no matter how good it tastes....a testiment to our gluttony

  2. Yeah nasty indeed, rot the insides and leave few pound of red meat in your bowels, hmmm

  3. oh that is a monster indeed.... eating healthy can be so easy and tastes much better than fast food...if we only took the time...

  4. Not eating that at all ~ The monster food will kill you one of these days ~

  5. Yup, definitely a monster a lot of us are acquainted with. Nasty indeed! :))

  6. You are what you eat, they say. If you eat this you really are a monster.

  7. This is real monstrous. and I can say you will turn to Barney the dinosaur by this diet...

  8. Now that is a bad monster, ruining the health of those who consume it. Very well put and thoughtful writing. :-)

  9. That is a monster alright! Whoa! Thanks for sharing this terrifying burger poem. :-)

  10. That's not a burger, that's a meal for 25 people! Up here in MA we get our own version of "calorie delight" Each September nearby Springfield is host to the Big E, The Eastern States Exposition, a New England State fair that lasts 16 days. They are famous for some interesting concoctions including a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between a grilled glazed donut. Yummy, huh??!!! Sharing a link:

  11. Good grief. I feel rather sick....!

  12. Great verse Hank, though I am over weight and I don't eat a 10 pound burger.

  13. Is that thing for real?? I can't imagine people actually eat it except when sharing. Monstrosity! Thanks for sharing.

  14. A great topic! Monster food for immediate gratification ... I like this poem!

  15. This monster feeds on our health while we think we are gorging on it-sigh!Great piece:-)