Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just So There's a Good Laugh!

                                                                Author: Ardizzone, Edward Jeffrey Irving
Image: Having a Good Laugh
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

A ladies’ pastime snack
So they say
He said, she said
Lots of groundswell
Juicy ones get better treatment
Building up an arsenal
Can be handy
To get the mortal flatfooted
Sometime later in the future

Healthy as a conversation piece
Unhealthy of negative consequences

Oddly enough though
Among men there are gossips too
But the underlying motive
Is more of having fun
Just so there’s a good laugh

Of the mortal’s antics
Which painted out
To be silly and plain stupid
On how he should get himself
caught over a silly thing
No judgement nor ulterior  intentions
Just so there’s a good laugh

Written for Kim's hosting at Poets United Verse First with the notion, He said, She said  -  gossips


  1. Ha! I hear you, and your observation of types of gossip is astute--though I wager that the genders fit evenly in both camps!

  2. oh yes there are gossips among men for sure...always in someone else's business....willing to tear them down to make themselves feel better....

  3. Yes, for sure gossip often has negative consequences. And sometimes those who gossip the most become the next to be gossiped about. Best to steer clear of spreading stories.

  4. Gossiping hounds are all around indeed, always have to get in someones business

  5. I agree both genders hold equal standing... this gave me a smile... :)

  6. I smiled through this, too.........your poem is right on target!

  7. Hank,

    Your poem demonstarted so well, that without gossip and the subjects of it, life might be otherwise boring for quite a few...Men and women:)


  8. This poem has layers upon layers and I will be back to read it a second time. The idea of groundswell and mortal flatfootedness has me intrigued. Enjoyed it,

  9. Excellent the power of what we say and the way we react to each other. Great writing.

  10. Pretty funny, and did give me a good laugh.

  11. Gossip knows no bounds, great poem.

  12. Men and women gossips both
    a laugh today
    tomorrow a joke
    someone is the center of fun
    who knows the harm to that poor one

    ~ nicely done Hank

  13. Funny, I never thought of men gossiping. It's such a sexist thing, really. Women gossip, men chat around the water cooler. I do notice, though, that men usually don't put down other men - they talk about the attributes of their latest obsession! Women tend to tear each other down. NOT ALL. Just my experience. Amy

  14. Just for a good laugh is often the reason folks tell tales. Many times it is harmless. A neighbor of mine once commented that gossip was sometimes an act of love or concern; that those talking were sorting out situations and needs of people for whom they cared.