Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Pink Moon

                                                                                    Attribution: nachu 168
Image: Full moon after eclipse
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

It’ll be full moon on Thursday night. It’s known as the Pink Full moon to herald Spring. 
It’s not really pink. It’s just a name given to a full moon in April. It’ll coincide with a partial
lunar eclipse in the afternoon. That might render it pinkish.  In some regions apparently 
it’ll appear pink as it passes through Earth’s shadow.

Those in Europe are lucky as they are able to see the eclipse, so also in some parts 
of Asia and Africa. But it’ll occur well before nightfall in the US.

Full moon in April
Is known as pink moon of Spring
Though not really pink

A phenomena
This time comes with an eclipse
A rare spectacle

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #179 with prompt the Pink Full Moon


  1. WOW! Hank ... what can I say? I am speechless. Nice haiku set.

  2. nice....great haiku...will be an interesting sky tonight...i look forward to it...dont know that i remember a pink moon...and lunar eclipses are very cool...

  3. Want a pink moon though, it says pink so should be like spring to finally show though, lets hope it brings it in.

  4. I am going outside right now to search the day sky for any hint of that eclipse...thanx for sharing..

  5. I wonder if the lunar eclipse will make it pink... I recall seeing it as red :-)

  6. I want it to turn pink too! We had a lovely day of sunshine but won't see eclipse here.