Saturday, April 27, 2013


Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

A beetle might appear
small but it is no way
to overtake like so

To vie for first place
must still be subject
to the rules of the game

(140 characters)

Grandma challenged us to write a micro fiction of not more than 140 characters
based on the picture provided above and to include the word of the week, - vie.

Thanks for correcting the link, Grandma! Didn't realize it!


  1. But it can be a problem if no one ever tells you the rules of the game!

  2. haha...and you cant run over each other trying to get where you are going...stay off my bumper...smiles

  3. A poor man's car crusher? lol rules can be bent, but might leave a dent.

  4. Cheaters get caught in the end (we hope). Good one.

  5. I like your Micro F, Hank!!! Those VW's are real sleepers.
    BTW, I corrected the Mr. Linky to direct to this post. It was sending readers to an older one of yours.

  6. That's the way drivers pass in Italy.