Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Speed Fiend

Half squinting blinded by the lights
and not really aware of a near miss
It could have been disaster if not for
his quick reflects. It’s hazardous and
risky for one to be on the road alone
these days.  It wears one off!  If there is no
valid reason to move around in the night
arguably it’s a better option to just stay
 home where one is king

Practically everyone  else on the road
is in a hurry, day or night. A dangerous
overtaking just barely a few minutes ago
and one meets him at the next stop  
sitting pretty enjoying a cool drink
Worst it may be a mangled wreck  that
one meets if they are not careful.

No reason why they need to risk their
necks and throw caution to the winds
If they need to show they can lick everyone
else with  their prowess behind the wheel
do so without endangering others. Join a
club of like interest with others can be
an outlet to let off steam

Otherwise it’s a mockery of the saying
‘the good die young’

Written for 3WW with the words , squint, argue and lick


  1. So very true, many can't see past their rear view and just think it is grand to put their lives in danger as well as others as they speed across the land.

  2. Wow changed as I commented, look at you go with the background at your show haha #1 too as well as #2

  3. i hear you man...the road is a dangerous place these days...everyone in a hurry to get somewhere, not paying attention...

  4. its a common scene here on Indian roads..
    youngsters drive so recklessly to the level on insanity..

    totally agree with u when u say that
    it’s a mockery of the saying
    ‘the good die young’

  5. This sounds so true and just like it is here too!! Agree with you so very much. Like the way you ended!!

    1. Nanka,
      Nice of you to drop by! Is it the wonderful Nanka that I used to connect with before. Where have you been Ma'am? This is great! Welcome Back!


  6. Thank you Hank and yes I was away for nearly a year!! Glad to be back and to read all the wonderful posts for various prompts!! :)


  7. With my kids getting to the age of driving, I am even more aware of how fast people are driving! I remember a show when I was younger that said even if you speed you will only get there a minute or two before if you had gone the actual speed limit!