Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Bard

                                                                               Attribution: Darjac
Image: On a Postage Stamp
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: With sincere apologies to the Bard

All the world’s a stage-coach, let’s rob it!
Try to become a modern day Robin the Hood
Take some but share out the rest of the loot
All will be happy all parties benefiting
Isn’t it the crass and nature of sharing?

To be, or not to be, that is not the question
The question is to decide outright and act
The strength of purpose and will to crack
Will goad others to muster their courage
And move the world on a faster pace

But, for my own part, it is Greek to me
Flair for language brings it to a higher level
Prompting others to try and dabble
Swahili or Urdu are just as beautiful
As English or American are just as useful

The course of true love never did run smooth
Hustlers abound at every corner is a concern
Preying on the gullible and the innocents
Hard-hearted and mean the order of the day
Young or old, hustlers do not choose their prey

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou
Forever the bayings of a love-sick cow
Never seem to learn but betrayed by all
Frustrated and angry having missed the buck
But still insisting on pushing their luck

Written for Susan's hosting at Real Toad on something Shakespearean for a birthday in April
and Brian's hosting at d'Verse's Open Link Nights


  1. Nice rhyme and flow, along with a Shakespearean show. And I'll rob away, just point the way.

  2. heh-heh ... you are a one, Hank. Loving 'All the world’s a stage-coach, let’s rob it!' ~ brilliant :)

  3. to be or not to be rhyming...no i can't do it. Yours was great, love the stamp too.

  4. Lovely irreverent snippets, almost aphorisms. I like them singly and together, and especially love the clinchers--the last line of each. Thank you for taking on the challenge and using quotes so cleverly.

  5. nice hank...love that second one in particular...its got great immediacy to it...and def love robbing the stage coach...fun play man...

  6. Hank, I love your spin on The Bard's quotes specially the third one ~ Of course nothing beats Romeo as a love-sick cow ~ Smiles ~

  7. fun! and i love the second stanza, actually quite profound.

  8. Big grin on my face for this spot of humour! :) Thanks...

  9. Oh, I love this, Hank. I had fun with Shakespeare today, too.

  10. Oh, we need some irreverence from time to time.
    He wouldn't have minded.

  11. Oh, this was really fun to read and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

  12. I love your interpretation of Shakespeare, Hank!

  13. They're all so good, I can't even pick a favorite!!! Nice job, Hank.

  14. Now YOUR kind of Shakespeare would be studied happily by high school students. I love the "world's a stagecoach - let's rob it!" the best!

  15. No need to apologize to the Bard... he liked a spot of fun and irreverence, I think.

  16. So many jewels in this...I think Shakespeare would approve!

  17. That first line transition drew me in right from the start! :)

  18. I loved how you used the quotes ... perfectly done !!!

  19. I really think this may be my all-time favourite of yours. A superb collection.

  20. Definitely a unique perspective on Shakespeare! Well done Hank...

  21. Great Shakespearean cues to your poetical comments (the last one was my fav).

  22. I like the way you talk back to him! :-D

  23. Quite a clever write/tribute to the bard and a great stamp!

  24. How fun, to take some of the most favorite lines and play. Delightful.

  25. Okay, that was good...some very valid points made very well...