Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carry on, beyond!

                                                               Attribution: Mononomic
Image: Contemporary poster
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

To carry on right through
Doing things one normally do
Not to be outdone by distractions
Affecting one’s  traction

Say, like walking early morning
Savoring the cool of the surrounding
Extending the feel of freedom
Pushing the mind

The chirping of birdsongs
Rekindling,  righting the wrongs
A melody in the brush
Not asking so much

Are we not able
Not to be saddled
With irritants
Bugging our minds

Man with his idiosyncrasis
Forever in a crisis
Amid questions and confusion
Clawing for solutions

Life with all its permutations
Leading on and to carry on

Written for Mary's Poetry Jam with prompt 'to carry on..'


  1. humans are resilient...we tend to carry on pretty quick...was just telling someone yesterday that i wondered how many still thought about the tsunami...the disasters kind of layer on...and maybe we move on too fast in some...and maybe some we dont move on fast enough...maybe there are things we need to learn...or change...thought provoking hank...smiles.

  2. To not be distracted by the outside gives one inner peace, it's a hard place to get to at times but well worth it. Nice write!

  3. Nice rhyme and flow as always when you give it a go, and yeah we such a place is hard to find for some and even harder to embrace.

  4. I agree, we need to take the time away from life's distractions in order to remain aware of the birds singing in the cool air.

  5. Yes, Hank, we do need to carry on despite distractions. Humans are generally resilient, despite so many "irritants bugging our minds." A nice capture!

  6. Interesting form of rhyme--don't know if it has a name as I am not up on such things. Carry on despite distractions is a good message!

  7. The torrent of inner emotions that whirls inside us focuses our attention on the source of our irritation. It becomes difficult to think about anything else. But, carry on despite irritants is a good motto!
    Thank you.

  8. Carrying on through and despite distractions is an inner power we all need to stay sane ... finding a way to cope (like that early morning walk, or meditation, or yoga, or ... )is key. Thought provoking piece this week, Hank!

  9. Forever in crisis - lovely picture of carrying on no matter what comes our way, good message and well written

  10. Hank, this is complex and so true. Did you know that, during the huge pro-union demonstrations in Madison, WI in January 2012, this poster appeared all over town, along with homemade signs urging peaceful demonstration.

    All us protesters cleaned the public bathrooms, emptied trash, and one enterprising fellow recycled pizza boxes into protest signs. We were thanking police as well. Proof positive that cooler heads prevail... even if we didn't get rid of the offending governor, we are still trying to overturn his union-busting laws. Thanks, your little activist, Amy

    1. Didn't know that! Picked it out from the many. Wow, it had lots of history backing it! And you wonderful people placed rights above all else. The Governor must have quivered in his mansion for it was people power! It must have been fun. Thanks for sharing Amy! That activist in you obviously had seen lots of challenges. Good for you Ma'am! Yes,not to give up, certainly!


  11. "always in a crisis" really spoke to me, as does the peace and birdsong in your poem - all of nature's glory all around us while we fuss and fret - and, hopefully, remember to look around, take a deep breath and - carry on! Good one, Hank!

  12. ... 'amid questions and confusion clawing for solutions' .. not always easy carrying on, is it? Nice write, Hank!

  13. forever in a crisis - does seem to be the state of things sometimes. A walk outside is a good idea!

  14. I loved the second stanza... such a nice write....