Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Irony of Life

                                                                                Attribution to Bubamara
Image: A Half Pint Black Toast of Happiness
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

'It’s going to fun, I know it will'

A contributor to the organization
For umpteen years, rise up the ladder
Knowledge abound and knowledge extended
Rewarded for the faith in serving
an employer of a gem
given to appreciating good attitudes
And in return were facing challenges
together as a team

He had given his all as a model employee
He would be retiring and no more tensions
No more deadlines, no more office politics
No more bother and he was going to be free!

Hooray!  Lots of freedom
My time is all for myself
Hooray! I’m far from all the drudgery

So he thought!

He had retired now for 3 months
It was heavenly, no worry
He had built up a modest nest egg
He would go for a pleasure cruise
Travels, see the world
Do his own thing!

He remembered it very well
It was fun when it lasted
But only for a month after retirement

He suddenly felt bored
The challenges he had before
were no more. He felt restless
got in the way of others
much to the point of a nuisance
He almost gave up on life
until one day, his loving spouse
who saw the predicament
came by to him and said

‘You have lots of time on your hand
You thought retirement can take it all
Retirement can, but only to a point’

What an irony! Being free but being bored

His loving spouse then came up with a brilliant suggestion
‘Why not start blogging?’

Yes, so it is!

Written for Victoria, hosting at d'Verse with a challenge to write on - irony


  1. The irony of longing for something, grasping it, and finding it is close to worthless! Blogging is a great outlet!

  2. Ha! From my side of the retirement bubble, I've never been busier since retiring. It's important to retire TO something, not just FROM work. The difference is you can do what you enjoy...on your own timeline. I can't say I've had a day of boredom since retiring--or I guess in my life. But that's my temperament and training.

  3. ha. my mom felt that...she works part time now for the registrar, coordinating polling places and least until my dad retires in 2 more years...then i may never see them again...ha...

  4. Haha! Love the ending! I didn't see that one coming. :-D

  5. The true stories are always the best! My dad never really retired. He got a consulting job (mechanical engineer) with a budding firm whose owner said, "I need an honest to God engineer who uses a slide rule. It will help my young guys see what authenticity is all about." Dad's last paycheck was delivered by his boss at the funeral!

    Dad used his retirement to shop, to ski (bunny slope), to walk, to read, to make model planes (I think he got high on the glue). Well done, this portrait! Peace, Hank... and thx for stopping by Sharp Li'l! Amy

  6. Funny -- what a smart spouse. What a great choice.
    Big changes are hard on the system. Build hobbies before retiring and don't put all your meaning in your work if you intend to leave it.
    Nicely done, Hank. Great autobiography!
    I will never retire -- well, unless I move to somewhere where my money will go much further!
    I wish I had the risk of boredom! :-)

  7. Great example, well worked out.

  8. This is one of my favorite poems of yours, Hank! Glad that you DID discover blogging, or I never would have 'met' you!

  9. I can't wait to retire...only 42 more years...

    But it is important to have hobbies or interests that will keep oneself busy otherwise it would be truly boring and lonely I imagine.

  10. we always like being busy..
    holidays r good... but after a point u miss your work..

    As saying goes.. empty mind is a devil's home..
    so we gotta ourselves busy for our own sake :P

  11. haha glad you are here too
    Always fun at your zoo
    And going for number 1
    Is sure a grand run
    Never want to fully retire at my sea
    But I have the blog too for me

  12. Love this! I don't think I could ever be bored, but I'm already a blogger. :-)

  13. Hank,
    I know only too well the feeling of too much time and not enough that has to be done ... and I'm way short of retirement age.

  14. Found this amusing and enjoyed it. I am glad you found blogging for if not we would not be having this marvelous conversation.

  15. I can relate to this. Thank you.

  16. life can get sooooo boring

    First Rose

  17. To be free but beeing bored. Indeed I do feel bored at times when I am free with nothing to do.

  18. My stepdad retired I believe at 78 I don't think he really wanted to retire, now his 80s he is out in the garden all time he is the kind of man who has to work. This is a great illustration of irony!