Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Life is meant to run smoothly

                                                                                                 Author Ronyyz
Image: Happiness when successful (here)

This is not something ordinary. This is not imposed nor ostensibly 
a direction to break the impasse. It is a definite desire to explore. 
We go in different directions down the imperturbable street. Why
must there be nature progressing in a clockwork fashion only to be
intruded into by the racketeers and other dishonest elements breaking
the flow with violence and destruction

Life is meant to run smoothly as it would have been planned formally
or otherwise but given a touch of class overcoming kinks along the 
way. Kinks interspersed in between to accord variety making life to be
naturally interesting and more challenging. It does work that way

Why then the testing exceeded the expectations that these ended in 
tragedy instead of ending happily in laughter. 

Is it a hint one is not blessed for recent events and not accorded 
the desired happiness? 
(144 words)

Merril at dVerse Prosery Monday


  1. Definitely a story of our times--things running differently and in opposite directions.

  2. Violence definitely breaks the flow. But I don't think we all need to follow the same path.

  3. If they only ended happily in laughter.