Friday, June 19, 2020

a surprise would be a pleasant act of love

                                    Author Michael Coghlan
Image: A Happy Couple (here)

Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store
and left with just one thing clear yet, but what a bore
had designs of getting an antique bed a matching double
considering time spent loafing around was plain trouble

a surprise would be a pleasant act of love and affections
in passing had playfully voiced to her of his intentions
painfully it took a toll on his time and efforts to acquire
wore off his manly frame oak strong but doomed to failure

just the beginning and he was not expected to succumb easily
but interested parties were putting him under close scrutiny
she felt comfortable though not being aware of any flaw 
but not so her stern father, his prospective father-in-law

Dylan's at MLMM's First Line Friday


  1. I enjoyed the read Hank, thanks for sharing.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Ah the old deciding if he is worthy for her. Can sure be a drain indeed.