Thursday, June 11, 2020

it was a big relief

                                                                                            Author Yumi Kimura
Image: Happy on Success (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
design drill stripes wild pander 
fill shock press line pass mine

designed to fulfill a need
drilled into his head
he was wary
lest led along a wayward path

stripes of pleasurable tendencies
wild in its make-up
that kept pandering to base instincts
filled his mind lately

shocked at the direction
and pressed for a quick getaway
he quickly checked himself
he managed to draw the line

he got pass the time-zone
out of the mines of a timeless pit 
full of clawing hordes of seekers
out for his blood

it brought a chill to his senses
he was adamant
he had to do it
he  managed to outwit them at their game
it was a big relief

Brenda Sunday Whirl Wordle #459
Grace at d'Verse OLN #268


  1. That is one smiling happy cat!! Great use of the words in your poem.

  2. Drawing that line is easy but fulfilling it is another thing. Good to see that it was a big relief.

  3. I am glad he outwitted them at their game.

  4. Hank, it was hard to get beyond the smiling kitty ... I did however, to enjoy your poem.

  5. Your words build great tension...glad they ended in relief.

  6. Reading your poem I thought more about a gold digger in Klondyke that the smiling cat... but it has to be relief when you win at last.

  7. Wonderful Cat poem and what a beautiful cat. Thanks for sharing Hank.(trying to catch up)