Tuesday, June 16, 2020

to bring to their senses the beauty of piety

                                                            Oil on canvas, by Konstantin Filippov, c. 1871
Image: Religious festival in Manglisi. (here)

to bring to their senses the beauty of piety
to benefit those of hard-headed elements
an exercise of wisdom, an exercise of futility
drummed into their heads in no uncertain terms

their tendency initially is  to view it as bait
but knowing that wisdom often comes too late
it takes a bit of legwork to intrude past the gate
lending the ever often quoted that it is all fate

the pride of a group of like people is offered
the minority, religious or those of  a chosen way
all have rights of living and must be respected
piety transcends to overcome a negative decay

Anmol (HA) at d'Verse Poetics - pride


  1. The rhyme scheme carries this through - slightly unexpected - keeps you guessing.

  2. You certainly do have a wonderful way with words Hank, A wonderful verse. Well done.


  3. The final stanza sums it up so well, Hank.

  4. I love the last line, Hank. Unfortunately, today there are those who become judgmental in the name of piety.

  5. I agree with Bev... and for me you should always judge yourself more than you ever judge others

  6. Pride is an interesting word. It should be used to include, not divide.

  7. I wonder why wisdom always comes late?