Sunday, June 21, 2020

it gave a chill thinking of the ascent

                                                         Attribution: Hedgewitch 's Autochrome Lumiere
Image: In anticipation (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:  
chill mountain trail yearning camp 
smoke vapour monarch birdsong current 

it gave  a chill thinking of the ascent
mountain high trail engaged with friends 
snake-like that gripped at the imagination
yearning for the fun of pitching camp 

smoke of vapour that screened the vision
where a monarch butterfly groped blindly
in anticipation of the strains of a birdsong
to break the current stillness of inactivity 

inspiration upwards to the sky insisting
for a friendly hand of a loved one to appear
not forgotten of moments shared now missing
warmth in memory of one long gone forever  

Brenda's at Sunday Whirl Wordle #461
Fireblossom's at Sunday Muse #113


  1. Love your beautiful capturing of the image Hank!

  2. Hank. This sounds like perhaps you have climbed some mountains. There is a feeling that I can't express but you told it. I've never needed a rope to help but have climbed some easier ones.

  3. Some mountains are very hard to climb Hank. You have captured a wonderful verse here and real joy to read. Thank you.


  4. always some mountain to climb.

  5. I can feel the anticipation and enjoyment of the climb, and the camping with friends. Cool.

  6. wistful and vivid, both panoramic & containing unexpected wonders :)