Friday, July 7, 2017

the heat of summer dulls the initiative

                                                                                         Attribution: Ozizo
Image: Cola float (here)

11 of 12 given words:
heat, bird fling bright easy cricket 
dusk ice cream pass float sweat

the heat of summer dulls the initiative
but birds are ever-present singing in unison
having a fling, bright and easy with relief
about the only sounds sustaining so brazen

a lone cricket may well get into the act
its melodious rebuke right through the dusk
insisting on shrill cries where others dread
with no other significant sounds that last

perhaps sounds of slurping ice-cream
more apparent to quench parched lips
to pass off  better with floats at the brim
with sweat at the brow in between sips

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  1. Birds, crickets and coke floats. I haven't had a coke float in years. I think I need one

  2. Ah, you made the sounds and tastes of summer come alive.

  3. I think that ice-cream is a perfect cure.

  4. Ice cream is perfect for summer.

  5. I really like the third stanza about the cricket - and an ice cream float is always welcome.

  6. Coke floats!? Are you bribing me to say this is a goof poem?
    OK, you win.

  7. insisting on shrill cries where others dread

    to me, this captures the intensity and persistence of crickets - and in this piece, it sings to me of heat - absolute stifling heat - love the placement in the poem -

  8. I enjoyed the read Hank albeit late, it has been very hot here, your verse says it all.


  9. Dulls the initiative yet fires the performance.

  10. Sure can work to help beat the heat

  11. Ice cream for a summer dulled initiative...perfect choice

  12. you stated it so well that I can just add a lazy: "Agreed"