Friday, July 21, 2017

or to fatten up the middle

                                                                                   Attribution: Eden Hills
Image: Given Extra attention
for a Reason (here)

spoilt given extra attention
not to mention
garbed with warmers
ego boosters

livened up and so it would seem
nice and loving
not to intrude
even from broods

or to fatten up the middle
not to cuddle
gave them the creeps
to end dead meat

Frank's at d'Verse's MTB  -  the minute poem
MLMM's Saturday's Mix


  1. As I read this it is one of misunderstanding, confusing love with being fattened up. Nice minute poem!

  2. This took me to a realm of possibilities.

  3. Wonderful thoughts in this poem, good of you to share.

  4. Just trying to keep those muscles warm before they eat him...

  5. Have to get plenty there so leftovers are to spare

  6. There is a "chill" in the air of your poem.

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