Wednesday, July 19, 2017

our brethren perished at the end of gun barrels

                                                                                                   Author: PRAB1988
Image: A Lone Tusker (here)

11 of 12 given words:
climb pangs offhand vague sadness our perish reappear
sallow (adj) of a sickly, yellowish or lightish brown color
nepenthe (n.) anything inducing a pleasurable sensation of forgetfulness,
abdicate (v)) to relinquish a right, power, claim,

slow climb with pangs of regret at the sallow picture
offhand it masked vague reminiscences of sadness
our brethren perished at the end of gun barrels
such soulful images would reappear again and again

it triggered off a nepenthe of feelings to readily forget
we tried to push back those sad moments into oblivion
not to abdicate the sense of pride in the animal world
of enormity strength and beauty of ivory within us

MlMM's Wordle #164
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  mask


  1. The thought of wildlife perishing at the end of gun barrels really hits home, Hank. I am reading right now about the rare white lions of Africa, held captive, raised in cages until they are "hunted" by canned hunters in enclosures with no escape. So brutal.

  2. An ending like this for many are are too evident Hank.
    Very sad but excellently put in your verse.


  3. Well expressed and how sad for these beautiful animals "to perish at the end of gun barrels"

  4. Luckily China has now banned the import of ivory lets hope more nations follow suit.

  5. Humans sure screw animals over a lot. Too bad the elephants couldn't stomp a few of them.

  6. "our brethren" Indeed. How much we have to mask not to fall apart at their misery.

  7. "our brethren perished at the end of gun barrels"...Animals are more evolved than the humans. Such a sad and moving write!

  8. For me. the sad beauty of this poem, was overshadowed by the prediction of elephant extinction in 40 year due to human population.

  9. thanks for playing the wordle this week :)

    you've done a wonderful job using these words to embrace the harsh and sad reality of the world's wildlife - from another perspective - capturing the unknown essences of being the hunted - it is haunting.

  10. This is so touching.. Powerfully written, Hank!

  11. A unique way of using the words for the week, alas the realities of how humans maltreat animals is at the forefront again. Thanks for sharing.