Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Had a crack at wanting to be a superhero

                                                                                      Attribution: Mizrraim
Image: Sad Looking but Clowning (here)

the 6 given words (here):
crack ramble wince festoon hiccup pest

Had a crack at wanting to be a superhero
His mind wandered on what form it should take
Rambled on with choices galore so he thought
Some ideas about being airborne one that could float
A slight start though but he winced and made faces
How could he see himself sailing in the air
Festooned perhaps with ribbons as headgear
His movement restricted his reach stunted
but still, he managed a laugh

Moving on it gave him hiccups just thinking about it
Not forgetting goosebumps that suddenly appeared
No, not to be seen as a clown but acting tough
Ending like a pest in the eyes of the young ones
The target group that he was set to entertain

Could he muster the courage to be good at playacting
To move in a different direction and make a mess of it
With the prospects of being mocked and laughed at?

He thought to be a macho superhero would be a breeze
No, it would seem far easier to act silly and be a clown
Where mistakes could be covered up to be seen
as part of the act and to still end up as successful
as playing in a serious role

Yes, 'Bozo' had been taken
what to call himself he wondered

Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  movement


  1. Can sure be easier to take the clown route than the superhero route. Have to watch the getting taken.

  2. They say most clowns are sad. I wonder if that's true. This made me think of the song "Send in the Clowns".

    1. I think bring a superhero might be hard as expectations are high.

      What super power would you like Hank?

  3. Ha, there is a certain Bozo this poem made me think of. Smiles.

  4. We move from identity to identity even without hitting the extremes. Clown seems a safe choice, but not the easiest one.

  5. The perpetual image in my mind is of that joking clown making people laugh but being sad inside.

  6. We are constantly confronted with this choice in real life too in the desire to get approval of others.. well said.

  7. I love this 'to be or not to be moment' in your poem Hank. Choices are sometimes so hard and baffling.

  8. Oh our struggle to be acknowledged Putting up our clowns face might be the easiest. Great write

  9. I have problems getting acknowledge in certain aspects I guess it pays dividends to act the clown.

    Well put Hank.

  10. Tears of a clown indeed - well penned Hank

  11. Some people are just meant for other things and that's their true calling.

  12. Oh no - one more superhero. On a serious note, he sounds like he is trying to become something he really is not. And that is kind of sad.