Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One natural treat - a Haibun

                                                                                     Photo:  Josh Hayes
Image: Beating the Traffic Snarl (here)

I remember it all not too long ago when I was a bloating slob as contemptuously
condemned by one of my good friends. How I hated myself for not being able to
control the desire to gobble everything. Winter withering (fuyuzare) playing on
my conscience, a disdain to my person then. I'm glad through sheer grit and
determination and through dieting and early morning jogs to effectively bring
my frame down to a cute little self.

I go easy on the 'carbs' and pasta, treating myself to non-naughty non-fatty grubs.
I need not have to watch the calorie intake nor bothered with cholesterol 'unfriendly'
choices but pile in on the greens and leafy.

One of my best meals if I do spoil myself is a rich dessert like cherry soufflé done
with de-seeded chopped cherries, eggs, whipped cream and toasted nuts to decorate
as a measure of 'cosmetics'. Very rarely though. A safe bet is a Mediterranean diet
of vege, fruits, Omega-3 cuts and 'olive oil if you must', my doctor used to quip.
I now dream of floating on air all the time!

One natural treat
Flavor to an aging frame
Youngish self so true

Note: The season word  -
Winter withering (fuyuzare)

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  1. Nice way to describe the dieting goal as becoming a "cute little self".

  2. Congrats on winning your battle of the bulge! Victory is sweet.

  3. Beat back the gut and live way better at ones hut.

  4. Yes... we have to find best way to battle down the weight... the morning jogs and avoiding rich desert seems ok.

  5. Dieting turned to poetry!
    Only you, Hank, could do it so well.

  6. i struggle with the same and want back the younger fitter me but those desserts won't let me!

  7. Oh, I used to battle my weight--my entire life it seems and now it's just the opposite thanks to transplant meds. Life is so full of irony. The image you found to go with this is priceless, Hank. And, congrats on your weight management.

  8. I don't need to diet, having being taken off of my medication for Epilepsy after 32 years of some sort of treatment have lost much weight,( Have been put back on it now) Loved your verse.

  9. Well done on the weight. Time (as in ageing) is oft a cruel friend, slowing us down and fattening us up.
    Treats keep us sane!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]