Monday, March 20, 2017

Balance and harmony of an inseparable pair

                                                                                             Author: Lambtron
                                                             Credit: Jim Lamberson | Wikimedia Commons
Image:Daria L and Jeff perform Snow Pas de Deux
in a version of the The Nutcracker, a well-known
classical ballet (here)

11 of 12 given words:
ballet harmony inseparable latch legs heat passion
levitate (to rise and hover in the air by means of supposed magical powers)
iridescence (luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles)
heliotrope (a light tint of purple; reddish lavender).
flashover (the moment of conflagration caused by super heated air or combustibles)

Fascination with ballet's graceful movements
Balance and harmony of an inseparable pair
Latched one to the other legs entwined as one

In the heat of a moment in one clear twist
The lady was made to levitate high up over
Her dress a spectacular iridescent purple shine

Out of this world bending sliding jumping twirling
With a passion reminiscent of a gold medal effort
In bright heliotrope dashes to cover the icy hall

One could not fathom hours spent to acquire skills
Which were subject to a flashover many a time
What dedication could bring to a committed pair

Yves' MLMM's Wordle #147
Marian's at Real Toad's 
 -  the tuesday platform


  1. Nice! It's a skill I'll never posses. That and I don't think I could handle the shoes.

  2. Nicely done! A ballet of words

  3. Sure takes some kind of skill and two working as one to get it done.

  4. Ballet is so beautiful, they give themselves over to it totally


  5. Admirable use of word prompts. A ballet in itself

  6. A dance well captured in words. :)

  7. You said it..needs tremendous dedication.

  8. So well observed and neatly done, Hank. I love the way the movement builds up to the bending, sliding, jumping and twirling.

  9. Yes, the dedication and commitment must be enormous!

  10. Ballet sounds like a fantastic way to illustrate just how difficult it is to obtain balance and harmony--they all require tons of work.

  11. commitment and dedication, indeed

    much love...

  12. Ah! The words are aptly used to picture a ballet performance, focusing on the nuances and skills acquired for the same.

  13. Out of this world! Into the dream-world of The Nutcracker :)

  14. I so admire all the dedication it must take to do that.

  15. I took ballet as a small child for 3 years the first 2 flat and the last toe shoes. My mom made me do it because I had flat feet and today I don't so it worked well and I like to think I got some grace out of it as well. Toe shoes are very painful all you get is a small piece of lamb wool to protect your toes from the wooden tips. Nice job on the word list!

  16. So much goes into ballet - years and years for a few moments on stage. It is amazingly beautiful .

  17. Great verse Hank, I guess that is what life is all about balance of mind and harmony with family and friends.


  18. I have only seen a few ballets...I think the Nutcracker was one.
    You are correct the dedication is amazing.