Monday, March 13, 2017

a boon to detractors

                                                                                            Author: Joe Shlabotnik
Image: A Distinctive back View (here)

11 of 12 given words:
delusion (removed them reality)
relish revenge bruise beast brims blanks
boon (something beneficial to a specific cause)
peeling story flash

with delusions of grandeur
to relish against 'friends' and foes
slick and slippery
more of a revenge stance
expounded at hastily mustered
press conference
bruised ego brought out
the beasts in the human mind

lately a twitter war ensued
skimmed the brims of the surface
and shooting blanks unwittingly

a boon to detractors
who thrived in making fun
peeling off  layers upon layers
of unkind stories
laughing off even absurd episodes
of a displaced mop of toupee

Would it ever be a flash in the pan
A temporary occupier or what?

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #290
Kerry's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform


  1. we are all trying to make sense of things. Yours is a good one!

  2. It's a war on all sides. One I hope settles soon.

  3. Round and round things seem to go

  4. Perfect theme for the words given.
    Hopefully a temporary occupier who gets impeached soon.

  5. "...or what" is right.
    But back to the facts. You did an awesome job. Bravo!

  6. Indeed this has spawned so much angst and poetry!

  7. It's definitely a war on all sides. I hope it gets settles soon!

  8. Or what indeed!
    That politics should be waged on twitter really takes the cake for me.

  9. Shooting blanks in a twitter war, a temporary occupier of what. Print it out and hand it out.

    1. He's playing a risky game Antagonizing folks will invite a reaction and invariably a retaliation Taken over the social media will result in varied comments, some even petty. Folks have no qualms then about making negative remarks. It erodes the esteem of the office. There is even talk of impeachment (hinting the stint of high office may be cut short)

  10. Zero lies detected in this poem. Zero.

    This stopped being funny to me long before he got elected. I echo the sentiments written here.

  11. Let's hope for only temporary occupation. Love how you present "friends" in quotation marks.

  12. Believe it or not it's not a piece, it's a horrible comb-over! Could you imagine how long it is on one side? Lol! A timely subject.

  13. Well written verse...and observational to a tee...where will it end?