Wednesday, March 22, 2017

forbearance of a leisurely journey

                                                                                    Attribution: Ujjwal Kumar
Image1: Canadian Horseshoe Falls
with Buffalo in background (here)

Image2: Hank below the Niagara Falls
garbed in their supplied raincoats.

forbearance of a leisurely journey from way upstream
with a flourish in midstream over rapids and boulders
meandering through cities foraging over plains bringing
much-needed life's redemption or ravages of flood waters

such is the economic rapport or ravenous recriminations
before it reconciles at the estuaries sweltering under a burden
to narrate a spartan journey in a spirit of splendor or spasm
unsparingly in its wake to trespass and to spawn civilizations

in a balance of yin and yang permutations of perfunctory
ways in its fervor to provide an oasis in a desert of human needs
one can only marvel at how well humanity made it obligatory
to harness strengths of inundation with hungry mouths to feed

Paul Dear's at d'Verse's Poetics - rivers


  1. We do try to tame its wildness... but some rivers won't accept it :-)

  2. I liked the phrase "desert of human needs". I recall visiting those falls once.

  3. Meander...I'm not sure anyone else has used the phrase in this River prompt but it is one that holds much power and story for me.As a young Geography BSC student I postulated my own theory of why? It was returned full of red lines and comments that I should get my degree first before making any kind of postulations and no comment on my ideas. I fell out of mainstream education not long after.I still don't really know why? Thanks for this engaging response to the prompt Hank. My blog is at ( I struggle to comment here as a WP user so stick with google)

    1. Meandering, Hank remembers that from his geography. It is mandatory prior to an ox-bow lake formation for rivers to meander around the plains. Thanks for your blog addy!


  4. Sometimes nature shall not be tamed by anyone. Man sure can try though. You look a little wet haha

  5. I have been in the Colorado River, below my knees. I can see how a river can carve a canyon. (The power)

  6. I couldn't agree more.
    Hey, I do want to see this place someday. :)

  7. Great to read and it made me recall my visit to Niagara Falls some years ago.